[ROM][TW][5.0.1] Albe95 LolliROM 0.99 BETA V2

[ROM][TW][5.0.1] Albe95 LolliROM 0.99 BETA V2 (02/03/15 Reboot and YT Fix)


Albe95 LolliROM 0.99 BETA V2
( Android 5.0.1 Touchwiz)

To all devs: you're not allowed to take files from my ROM without my permissions.
Remember that this rom is an Alpha test. When official lollipop will came out I'll redone completely the rom and will close this thread. 

Feature V2:
- Based on latest german build I9505XXUHOA7
- Full deodexed and debloated
- Improved performance (really faster than chinese build)
- Added Ambient Display
- DeKnoxed
- Rooted
- 5 Way to reboot
- Added 3 Dot menu on screen
- Set Recents menu with left button (long press to open menu)
- Debranded from Samsung and Google Bloatware
- Set as default after first boot English language
- Enabled by default unkown source for apps
- Enable by default battery %
- Enable S5 Toolbox
- Enable N4 Side Key Panel

- Replace stock emoji with Whatsapp one
- Added N4 Launcher
- Added Magazine (Flipboard Brief) support

- Added N4 KitKat Accuweather Widget
- Centered Clock in Lockscreen like N4 and S6
- Replace S4 my files with S5 one (much better)
- Replace S4 Dialer and contacts with S5 one to get 3 dot support
- Improve a bit camera quality and focus
- GPS problem that came with chinese build are totally gone.
- Added Samsung account and service
- Added Search Button to Settings
- Enable N4 Popup View by sliding from the side (work well in fullscreen app; with not-fullscreen app work too but all the times it drop down the statusbar)
- Enable N4 Popup View by a short tap on Multiwindows Bar
- Enable Popping Color, Abstract Tiles, Geometric Mosaic, Ink in Water and Water effect to lockscreen menu.

- Set as default Popping Color Effect
- Replace stock blue wallpaper with S5 one
- Add Multiwindows Voice (to set if you want to enable or disable Popup View) in Settings
- Added Greyscale Option to Power Saving
- Enable Ultra Power Saving mode (a bit unstable)
- Added UPSM to Power Saving Menu
- Replace Stock S4 Gallery with S5 one (much better)
- Fixed wrong color for "people" in Gallery menu
- Fixed crash when you select a pic and tap on the arrow in gallery
- Enable Theme Support with 6 themes
- Added popping color effect in Music Player
- Added priority Sender to message app
- Added S5 Clock App to get 3 dot support on it
- Replace S4 Voice Note with S5 one
- Enable by default Popup incoming call like S5
- Remove S Note, S Health and S Voice to keep more free RAM
- Replace S4 Video App with S5 one
- Added S5 Wallpaper Chooser
- Added by default Italian,English, German, Spanish and French languages for Keyboard
- Replace bootscreen with S5 one
- Replaced power on sound with Note Edge one
- Increased FPS of bootanimation (now it's more smooth than previous Chinese build
- Added Samsung Magnifier from S5 for toolbox
- Added Galaxy Apps widget full trasparent
- Added latest Google Search, GMail and Youtube
- Improved stability
- Better performance
- Light ROM (1002 MB)

- Screen Mirroring don't work
- Network mode settings is bugged. Don't change anything in that menu and keep the stock 4g/3g/2g auto mode otherwise you'll get 2G only forever until next wipe.
- Possible Random Reboots caused by not official kernel. Give a look here for a possible fix.
- Youtube videos from app are lagging when resolution is upper than 480p. Give a look here for a possible fix.

Instruction to install:
1. Flash via Odin a recovery like Twrp.
2. Be sure to have a recent modem, (especially if you're on old bootloader).
Modems can be founded here.This is how to install a modem through Odin.
3. Be sure that modem is flashed by digits *#1234# (close super su and look for CP)
4. Download my rom
5. Boot to recovery and choose (for TWRP): Wipe --> Advanced Wipe --> Dalvik, System, Data and Cache. Then Swipe.
6. Now choose Install and search where you put my rom.
7. Tap on it and swipe. Wait until it install the rom.
8. Reboot and wait that it complete the first boot: it take more than 15 minutes!
9. Enjoy the rom.


FIX for Random Reboot + Youtube lag + High Ram Usage
(only for bootloader with KNOX)


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