4 complementary solutions to encrypt your Android smartphone

many people ask the question in recent times, especially with everything that is happening. Here is the solution that we offer you to encrypt your Android smartphone.

What about the performance impact?

Already aware that encryption consumes battery because it requires extra performance. This is surely what led Google to abandon default on Lollipop, Marshmallow On, encryption is back, finally depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone and your operator, who have the last word.But the question still arises performance. Indeed, chip makers like Qualcomm and MediaTek, will now dedicate part of the architecture (SoC) in this process, which is the case on most of the chips on the market today. The question arises especially for 32-bit processors, specifically for 32-bit processors that do not have a dedicated module for encryption and decryption. Anyway, before you start, it is important to know the potential impact that can have encryption on the performance of your smartphone.Finally, be aware that many of the proposed solutions consume only very little additional performance. 

Why encrypt a smartphone?

Put simply, data encryption can change your data so that only authorized people can read them. The process works through decryption keys, that only two people are supposed to have.More concretely: encryption was everywhere, when you make a purchase on the internet with your credit card when you communicate on most communications software, also. You can also use encryption to hide your passwords, but also to protect a file or a folder. In case of theft, for example, know that your unlock code certainly does not protect all your data, so it is interesting to better secure your data.Now it's time to offer you our "package" full to encrypt your data.

1 BoxCryptor it encrypts your files Cloud


It uses AES-256, not the most powerful, but it remains a viable encryption solution. What I like for this application: it encrypts your data transmitted to servers "Cloud". The number of supported services is significant, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft onedrive, Box or SugarSync. Unfortunately, it does not support the solution of OVH, Hubic nor the solutions of French mobile operators. Another small problem, encryption offered only work with a single service, it will go to the annual subscription to encrypt other services "Cloud". Of course, this also requires BoxCryptor install on your PC or Mac.

2 LEO Privacy Guard, it encrypts access to your applications

LEO Privacy Guard to encrypt launch apps from your Android. More specifically, at each launch, the system will ask for a password. Quick tip, so that you can uninstall Privacy LEO too easily, you can enable an option in "Advanced Protection" in the application.

3 The default encryption

If the default encryption on Android is not currently available, except on some devices, it is still possible to activate yourself. In phone settings, under "Security" you will find an option labeled "Device Encryption" (or something similar). Note that this procedure is consistent: it lasts an hour, requires reloading the mobile and leave it on the sector.This option exists for several years in Android, but the revelations made by Edward Snowden of espionage carried out by the NSA convinced Google to do more on security. And that even if Google has its hands tied by US law to cooperate and that the intelligence agency just has enormous resources to thwart encryption in certain circumstances.

4 Finally, encrypt SMS and MMS

You can also easily encrypt your SMS. Anyway, on Android. Basically SMSSecure is a fork of TextSecure who just concentrated on encryption. In addition, MMS are also encrypted. Here is a solution for exchanging traditional SMS, all encrypted end to end.Note that all these solutions are complementary, we tried to offer a complete solution to suit your needs. Feel free to mention your configuration in comments, we are not rocket science and we can complete this "package".

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