Google wants to revolutionize the SMS and overthrow WhatsApp

When was the last time you sent an SMS text message? Probably when you were abroad, perhaps in a remote village in the Russian steppe, because you certainly ALSO HAVE no internet access in this area. Today, fewer and fewer people use SMS, but why?
This reason is explained by the fact that more and more users are moving towards more practical / Free solutions, just like WhatsApp and Telegram. Thanks to them, users can send text messages, but also photos, videos and messages grouped, without costing him a penny; assuming - obviously - it has an internet connection that is potable. Guess what, this is precisely what Google is working in cooperation with over 800 mobile operators across the globe, whose objective is to revive the economy around the text message 'SMS'.

Google is already a partner with more than 800 operators

While we are here writing practice while talking with representatives of the brands present at MWC in Barcelona, ​​Google has in turn had the good sense to want to revolutionize the SMS, then that is what it says.
Seeing that many of the solutions that have wanted to revive the telephone operators in recent years, it seems that Google is in possession of the last lifeline to save the SMS soldier. By establishing a partnership rich 800 mobile operators around the world, Google wants to create a new customer universal RCS, so that everyone can use it. In addition, it will make this application compatible with as many devices to reach the most people, otherwise it will be useless.

Google wants to joust with WhatsApp and other majors

Its full name, the term SCR translates Rich Communication Services. Joyn its commercial name, the RCS is an initiative of Europe's leading telephone operators (Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia and other ...), but Google intend to revolutionize the world. How? As for sending SMS text messages and MMS multimedia message, in addition to having the ambition of taking the most popular features for users. This will require the emoji, files, creation of group discussions. I repeat, but Google is poised to compete with WhatsApp offering all its functions. One way to tell the other majors: "I am everywhere and I'm able to do, only better."


How will he place his checkers?

We wondered how Google actually going to dethrone giants like WhatsApp and Telegram who walk the world ... By simply helping the strength of Android! "Ah? "By offering an application that will be part of the family services of Google. Service to be natively preinstalled on all devices with Android, too. From there, users will not need to install an additional application to enjoy it since the service will be native to the system, and should even be extended to another term. In addition, this platform will work anywhere in the world, and with all operators.

What about the cost of the tariff in?

To date, there is no detail, even if we imagine that operators will reflect on new attractive offers for SMS, while the focus is mostly done on offers around the data (mobile data) these last years. If such a service were to emerge, it could be as WhatsApp and others become obsolete. Only the future will tell, and we'll see if the choice of the people in this direction.

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