How to copy and move files to SD card on Android

This common question among beginners on Android. The answer is sometimes not so obvious, because Android does not natively integrates file explorer. How to move your downloads, movies, photos and music on your external SD card.
Note: Depending on your interface, TouchWiz from Samsung, LG Optimus UI, HTC Sense, etc., it may be that you own a native file browser.

Via your computer

First know that you can move your files, whatever they are, from your computer, by simply connecting your device to your PC and unlocking it. Are then displayed two mass storages, internal SD card of your Android and your external sd card.

And yes, the storage of all Android is divided into two parts: the actual internal memory with the system, applications, etc. And the external SD card. People often confuse the two, the fact is that SD is a type of memory that is used on a removable card or directly as a component of the smartphone.

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Via an Android file manager

In the idea, it works the same way on your Android: we copy the file and paste it into another folder. Names and manipulations are different though. Whatever file manager you choose, the procedures are identical or almost.

Again, depending on your interface a file explorer may be preinstalled in this case keep it, it will most likely be the case for copy and paste. Sometimes you only have access to your downloads or your photos, in this case, follow the following procedure.
You must download a file browser, whatever it is, we will use ES Explorer here, but any will do.

Once the application is installed, open it. FYI, your downloads are most likely in the "Downloads".
1. Go to the folder where the file to be moved. So we go in our Download exempole. Make a long press on the file to move. Then select the required files. In some applications, you must press the menu key to select multiple.
2. Press the menu key to open the options for your file manager. Depending on the application, access to the buttons copy / paste, cut, move, can be displayed directly after the selection, without you having to press the menu button.

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Depending on the application, the buttons change, but the idea remains the same.
 3. Select to move or cut, depending on the application. If you want to simply copy the file, select the appropriate option.
4. In the newly appeared window, click the "/", then storage, then on the back of your card external sd: extSdCard. You will here looking for a bit if you are on a native file browser. Sometimes the external SD card carries an exotic name.
5. Click Move Here.
FYI, if all your files are too big (music, movies) you will probably make the trip several times. Know that if you want to access your external sd card directly, to delete files, for example, the path is: / storage / extSdCard on the vast majority of Android smartphones.

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