LG G5: between features and release date, all that is expected of the smartphone

Just weeks after the publication of its financial results for 2015, LG will introduce its new flagship, which can not advance designate under the name G5. And after a year when the Korean showed only a small increase in sales, and earned less money than expected, this smartphone will have the task to revive the brand, and to inspire the phone lovers. What to expect from this famous G5? Here's what we know so far.
We now know much about the Galaxy S7 Samsung, the designated rival G5, but the LG smartphone is no slouch either. Rumors began to emerge at the end of last year, and have taken off in recent weeks, representatives of the various LG evoking an upcoming smartphone bringing real change in the LG universe. What will they be?

G5 far from the characteristic design of the LG Gx

Let's start with the design of the famous G5. While Gx range was characterized by a curved back shell and the Power and volume buttons on the back, the G5 should completely review the copy of LG. According to the sketch released mid-month, but also stolen photos of prototypes, the smartphone is now flat with rounded corners. It would be composed entirely of metal, with its buttons would fall over on its edges, letting appear on its back his camera and a fingerprint reader, like the Nexus 5X he designed for Google .

lg-g5-dummy-boxSo far, it evokes a thickness of 8.2 mm and dimensions of 73.9 × 149.4 mm, all in a smartphone also offers a USB Type-C port. Another point to note, it seems that the phone has a removable battery, accessible via a trolley located under the phone. It obviously remains to be confirmed.

The time is not yet at 4K

This is certainly the point that causes the least rumors LG. When the G4 sported a QHD panel (IPS) by 5.5 inches, it's a safe bet that the Korean retains this definition and yet rushes into the breach opened by Sony 4K. However, it could be that the G5 has a second display located at the top of the main screen, and to display, as in the V10, notifications or shortcuts.

Image result for Le double écran du LG V10Update Wednesday, February 10: After sending the invitations for the press conference entitled LG G5 Day, the manufacturer emphasizes the teasing its next flagship. The last visual, as of today, shows a function akin to the Alway On Display (like the Moto X) on the G5 screen. Another theory suggests the possibility that LG has two screens one above the other, so to display the type of information contained on the GIF.


Performance and battery life

When the G5 design spilled much ink, we speak very little of its expected performance, and more generally, of its internal components. Just do we know that he developed Nuclun 2 might be just a bit: it expects the logical integration of a Snapdragon 820 in the smartphone, whose predecessor was equipped with a Snapdragon 808 - to avoid the problems encountered by heating the Snapdragon 810. RAM side, it is expected to 3 or 4 GB, the current trend. Also note that we now speak of a battery whose capacity would have been slightly revised downwards, with "only" 2800 mAh instead of 3000 mAh. It is hoped that with the integration of Marshmallow, and its power saving modes, good surprises are waiting for you.

The emergence of a dual camera

Various rumors surrounding the G5 camera, which will have the difficult task of succeeding G4 particularly good in this area. It is expected at least to find there a system of dual camera sensor, both of 16 megapixels, while an 8-megapixel camera is present on the front. A laser autofocus also be part of, not to mention the ability to shoot in 4K, since this was already present in the G4.

Un concept de LG G5

Release date and price

The price of the G5 still to be defined, although there is hope that its price is slightly below that of a Galaxy S7, as was the case of G4 compared to Galaxy S6, G3 and face Galaxy S5. However, it seems that it should be expected between March and April, according to information provided by LG itself. The Galaxy S7 could go out on him on 11 March, which promises fierce competition between the two devices. One thing is certain: LG has created the expectation that he sent the invitation to the conference it held on 21 February at the MWC in Barcelona. We'll be on our side for you to experience the event as close.

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