Podcasts are expected to arrive on Google Play Music from this month

Image result for Podcasts are expected to arrive on Google Play MusicPodcasts should delay to formally make their appearance on Google Play Music. A podcaster has given an output window and some users may already listen to and download podcasts on their phones
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When it comes to minor matters, Google likes to take his time. Podcasts, for example, were announced on Google Play Music, the music streaming application for Google, since October 2015. And made themselves very quiet since. Until last night, when the American Podcast Bill Simmons announced on Twitter that podcasts should arrive on Google Play Music "before the end of the month."
Obviously, this brave Bill forgot he had no right to say since his tweet stayed only a few hours online. But no matter, because a few hours later, many users of Google's music app noticed the arrival of new menus within Google Play Music.
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This is the case of Curtis Bond, an American who has been entitled to an update (performed on the server side, if one believes his words) on its application, which now has a podcast menu. It comprises two sections: one provides access to the most popular podcasts, while the second provides access to podcasts which the user subscribes. The interface is clear and natural for that already uses Google Play Music. Note just proposed to download the latest five podcasts when one subscribes to one of them and they appear in the search engine of the application at the same level that song.
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Does all this make us uninstall Addict Podcast or any other application dedicated to the podcast? If the basic features are waiting for you, we are still very far from the wealth of specialized applications and especially the power of their search engines. Especially since this podcast section appears for the moment the United States. In France or in Europe, we do not know when it will arrive.

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