Samsung Galaxy S7: release date, price and features

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was presented March 3, 2015, this period has become almost traditional for ads of South Korean giant Samsung smartphone success. Indeed, a few weeks before the release of GS6, Samsung presented its latest Galaxy Note 4, which immediately established itself in the world of PHABLET. By grouping its smartphone success in ads and PHABLET, Samsung wants to mark the occasion to continue his relentless struggle against its historic rival, the Apple iPhone. After a few months on the market, the Galaxy S6 has already established itself as a major commercial success in the smartphone industry.
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Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7Now rumors are turning to the next high-end Samsung device, the Samsung Galaxy S7 scheduled for early March 2016 and promises to be a major rival for the iPhone 6S. Samsung fans already eagerly awaiting the release of the Galaxy S6 which despite its commercial success in 2015 does not look like a real innovation apart from the curved screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Fans of the brand Samsung now expect a truly innovative smartphone, upscale and especially revolutionary.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 would this long-awaited smartphone?A few weeks before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to be held without fail between 22 and 25 February 2016 at MWC 2016 (Mobile World Congress, rumors are multiplying on the web, everyone begins to speculate on what will sucesseur worthy of the Galaxy S6. an update for you and gives you all the information on the Galaxy S7.

Release Date Samsung Galaxy S7Apple and Samsung primarily seeks to promote their various terminals with fans. Besides Samsung has always positioned its smartphones its smartphones few months after the official release of the iPhone. This is still the case this time as Apple has released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Samsung comes when to him to offer the Galaxy S6 with even better features than its competitor or his predecessors. As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released March 3, 2015, if we look at the release date of the Galaxy S7, we can expect to see the terminal disembark early 2016 just after taking MWC 2016 in Barcelona from 22 to February 25, 2016.Galaxy S7 -> March 2016? The latest cycle of production and sales, it is less than two months before a sneak preview of the upcoming Samsung jewelry.

Specifications and features of the Galaxy S7It is still early to talk about the many features that make up the Galaxy S7, however, given the number of patents filed by Samsung, the leaks (leaks) on the web and rumors we are able to imagine a lesser extent it will look like the Galaxy S7.

2 models: the Galaxy S7 and S7 EdgeAccording to a recent leak, like the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 would be announced with great fanfare at MWC 2016 in Barcelona and available in 2 models: the Galaxy S7 (classic 5.2-inch screen) and the Galaxy S7 Edge (curved screen 5.5 inches)

MemoryIn all likelihood, the next terminal will be equipped with 8GB LDDR4 for a capacity of 4 RAM, waiting to know the proposed chip to power the Galaxy S7

RamThe smartphone propose a device with 4 GB of RAM, compared to the iPhone 6S is her nest and its ... only 2 GB of RAM.

HMP technologyFor those unfamiliar with this technology, Apple was the first manufacturer to use in its iPhone 6. Some argue that this technology would increase performance set the speed smartphones

ProcessorThe Galaxy S6 is equipped with 64-bit Exynos octa main processor to replace the Qualcomm chip set to the older terminals. Recent leaks related to the Galaxy S7 announced for Europe and Asia a processor Exynos 8890 octa core 3 with a frequency of 3 times faster than its predecessor.

ScreenThe S6 has revolutionized screens with super AMOLED QHD technology of 5.1 inches and a resolution of 2560 * 1440pixels. It is likely that the future terminal screen is equipped with technology Super AMOLED 4K for a size of 5.2 inches for the Galaxy S7 and 5.5 inches for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

CameraSamsung has always been a forerunner in terms of terminals equipped with a camera of high quality, the latest is a good example with its 16-megapixel OIS in to the rear and 5.1 megapixel for the front camera. His next NPC should delight many of us with even greater performance available with many features (stabilizer ....), a source close to the firm expects a apn 30 pm and 7 pm on the front.

DrumsOne of the most important elements when buying a smartphone is its battery, with smartphones becoming more efficient, the battery life is increasingly reduced and no manufacturer has to time been able to offer a smartphone with a large enough battery. Samsung is currently about to announce a new type of battery révomlutionnaire. That may be where we expect to see a Galaxy revolutionary S7!

Galaxy S7 pricesIt is too early to talk about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but it's a safe bet that we leave off the usual price, ie € 699 for the Galaxy S7 classic version for € 799 Version Galaxy S7 Edge.Only a few weeks before the official announcement!

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