Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact ROOT and Recovery

Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact ROOT and Recovery
Ensuring root on your Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is a must if you are planning in using your Android device on full power. So, if you are an advanced Android user, or if you are learning how to properly use your smartphone, gaining root access will not be an option. In that matter, you might want to read the guidelines from below. During this tutorial I will tell you why you should root your Xperia Z3 Compact, I will detail the advantages and the risks that are implied by this operation and, in the end, I will show you how to easily complete the unlock process. Thus, take a look and decide whether to use this guide or not.
The root process can be associated with an unlock operation. In a few words, by choosing to root your Sony Xperia Z3 you will actually remove factory and default restrictions from the internal system of your Android device. That’s why, ensuring root is among the first steps to complete when thinking in tweaking your smartphone for improving performances and for customizing the Android system. Of course, this operation should be applied only by Advanced users who are used with custom processes – the root operation is complex and also risky.
Watch here how to do step by step


a) before you start to do anything, backup all your user data and media files, because you will lost it and charge your phone
b) download and install latest Flashtool from this article -
c) download this FTF file ( and flash it with Flashtool to you smartphone (it is important to Wipe data or your phone will not boot)
d) start your smartphone and enable developer options and usb debugging, also enable mock location
e) in security settings, enable unknown source
f) download this root package - and unzip it in your computer (alternative you can download this -
g) connect your smartphone to your computer and go to Flashtool folder, X10flasher lib
h) hold shift button and right click with mouse, open command line and type adb devices
i) allow usb debugging on display your phone (steps g-h are not important, but it is better to check it)
j) if result is some kind of number, close command line and run install.bat inside root package from step f)
k) wait after root procedure is done, sometimes it is need to run it more than once (wait until you see SuperSU in your phone)
l) download recovery for your phone from this site - (select XZDualrecovery, than latest version and than Z3 Compact installer)
m) unzip this file, connect your smartphone to computer and run installation, choose first option and than allow SuperSU
n) after some time you will get new icon in your phone, now you have recovery and root (but with old firmware)
o) now you need to flash prerooted zip file thru recovery mode and there are two options (steps p or q)
p) download it from internet, you can try to find it here - or Google XPERIA Z3 Compact (firmware you want number) prerooted zip
q) make it by yourself, it is very easy and fast, i will show it to you here -
r) after you have this prerooted zip file, push it to your smartphone
s) start recovery mode (from NDRUtils application in your phone) reboot to primary recovery
t) install your prerooted zip file (install ZIP and navigate to your file), than Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache and power off your phone
u) sometimes this can be enough, but i really recommended last steps, it is better for your phone
v) download corresponding firmware (same version as is your prerooted zip file), you can also make FTF yourself with this video -
w) flash this FTF file with Flashtool once more, but exclude system and partition
x) after it finished, turn on your smartphone
y) you are on firmware version you chose with root and recovery mode and with locked bootloader
z) when Sony Mobile company release new firmware, you can repeat this tutorial from step o), just change prerooted zip and than FTF

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