Spotify could create a two-speed streaming music

And if the next Spotify update was done for the artists? According to the Wall Street Journal's information, Spotify could access the desire of some of them, and allow them to not offer their titles on its paid version.
The world of unlimited music streaming does not go smoothly. Between the launch of new players - the famous Apple Music, now in beta on Android - and regular grunt artists who publish their titles on these services, actors like Spotify must deal with ever-increasing stress and learn to s 'adapt. Even the wrath of singers, as Taylor Swift, who last year eliminated all of its shares of the Swedish software. Involved, as often, the compensation model imposed on musicians.
It's even on this point that things could change. Because according to the latest rumors dated, relayed by the very serious Wall Street Journal, the rule imposing artists who offer their tracks on Spotify to make them accessible to subscribers with free and paid options could soon be obsolete.
According to the sources of our colleagues, it would issue internally, to allow artists who wish to publish their titles in the paid version of Spotify. Artist names and "exempt" current obligations of the streaming service is being defined and, again according to the contacts of WJS, "the company is not yet ready to announce a permanent change in policy." It should be remembered that currently, Spotify only be profitable, and garners much of its revenue from advertising, through free subscriptions - 60 million people to 20 million paid subscribers. If nothing is done, are emerging increasingly two-speed subscriptions between free versions increasingly limited and paid versions banking on the notion of exclusivity.

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