Testing the Motorola Moto 360, a timepiece connected

Image result for La Moto 360 de première génération n'a pas dit son dernier motThe Motorola Moto 360, the watch is connected as Android Wear the most anticipated and is finally available several months after its announcement. For a week, I wear the wrist. Some have problems with the battery ... Are they (still) in it? Here's what I think.
Let's start with the features "raw": Moto 360 has a 1.56-inch LCD screen resolution 320 by 290 pixels (205 ppi) processed by Corning Gorilla Glass. Include Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, a water resistance up to one meter deep for 30 minutes (IP67), a wireless charging (induction, Qi), 4 GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM. Finally, it is 4.6 cm in diameter and 1.15 cm thick.
The design of this watch is obviously incredible
The design of this watch is obviously amazing. This is the first connected watch that looks like a standard watch. Its stainless steel construction and leather strap only increase the quality of printing. Moto 360 is minimalist, natural with this very thin glasses around the screen and a single button on the right side.
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The disadvantage of this round is that it makes it much more difficult. First, the software. Android Wear has not been optimized for round watches. This is not a handicap, but it is noticeable - the text is cut off from time to time, sometimes guess the dedicated icons and more applications are not functional. It's pretty awkward ... But it's brave of Motorola. The Moto 360 will allow developers to capture this screen size
Second, the source of much criticism regarding that little black bar at the bottom, where nestles the ambient light sensor (automatically adjusts the screen brightness) and the hidden connections that bind the display panel rest of the innards of the watch. Maybe the black bar disturbs. Maybe this is not the case.
Personally, I found some tips that it is not annoying. For example, finding a black background dial - or a planned framework for this - for example with a suitable image in the background.
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The screen is just fabulous. One can find it a somewhat low pixel density (1.56 inches for a resolution of 320 by 290 pixels, or 205 pixels per inch), but at a normal distance of the eyes (30 centimeters), we can discern no pixel the naked eye.
Beveled edges around the screen really give the impression of quality ... however we quickly noticed a visual defect at the chamfer (the small surface formed by a shot edge) on the glass. We are left with a refraction that gives rainbow sky colors and distorts the image. A small detail annoying.
Capture d’écran 2014-09-30 à 14.36.55
The basic bracelet uses a spring pin (22mm standard), so you can easily change it. It's interesting, especially as we see Apple chose a proprietary system for the Apple Watch. The bracelet is delivered in black leather, it comes from the American company Horween Leather Company - Motorola neighbors in Chicago. It's not as sophisticated as the steel bracelets which will be available later, but it's much better than the rubber bands that are often found on connected watches.

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The battery life is much better than expected
You should know that I had the right to update famous, at the first start of the watch.
This update is expected to bring real optimization of autonomy.
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After a week of use, what do I think of the autonomy of the Moto 360? It is widely suitable. My Moto 360 was never extinguished by lack of autonomy, however I install every night on its wireless charging dock, and it acts as alarm clock bedside table, very practical: the screen remains discreetly lit with battery level.
Official application for Android Wear
very important point. Android Wear must be configured to give you important information you need. Without configuration, you will receive all kinds of notifications, so it is best to choose to receive notifications. What are the most important? SMS, calls, emails ... Your watch should be seen in an organized and custom extension of your phone, not an extension with a bunch of garbage discarded without sorting.

Android Wear must be configured to give you important information you need.
Yes, you have to charge the watch every night. For me it is not annoying: I constantly take my watch off before sleeping. But actually, this can be a kills love, especially as you can not use the watch as an alarm clock (vibration) nor any sleep analysis application - this application is very interesting to analyze this type of data to determine the quality of sleep.
Such as smartphones, I think the connected watches should last a "full day" from where you have enabled notifications. For once, the Moto 360 meets these criteria. She never fell below 20% even on very busy days - 6:30 to 0:00.

Performance, one of the sensitive points
A sensitive area for performance. While the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are both powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400, the Moto 360 is powered by an old TI OMAP 3.
Although Android Wear does not lend itself to too benchmarks, we launched VFP Benchmark, a test calculation raw processor performance. On this test, the Moto 360 and TI OMAP 3 were placed in front of the LG G Watch and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. At least, this is true in single precision (used in most applications), while in dual mode accuracy, Qualcomm SoC takes the lead. Scores multitasking are surprising since they would be higher on the Snapdragon 400 due to the presence of 4 heart. Poor optimization Android Wear or benchmark?
Why this choice ? Probably because the specifications of the Moto 360 was set months in advance. Nevertheless, I find them disappointing choice, it's almost as if he had just used the MotoActv in a shiny new box. It's an old architecture of 6 years. The result: we are not notice at first glance, one notices nevertheless lags here and there. I assure you: nothing nasty. Images can be jerky and loading may be slow on some applications. But honestly, I do not understand this choice. The brand must have a huge room filled with TI OMAP 3. It is the only plausible explanation.

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