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OPPO R7 Plus full review

OPPO is clearly a manufacturer who aims to return to the big leagues (Samsung, HTC, LG ...) and apparently gives itself the means.So, certainly, the brand is still relatively little known in France and more widely in Europe, and yet ... in the geek community, she has already made a splash.And either with its own models, or with those of its subsidiary (OnePlus). Determined to win market share not only in China, but more broadly around the world, the manufacturer now available versions "internationalized" of its models.And in any logic, so the OPPO R7 Plus, the newest of the manufacturer, a mobile "standard bearer" designed to compete with the highest quality of competing smartphones.A smartphone "Plus" (great ...) his twin brother he almost gets the name and some specifications: the OPPO R7 (see test).Priced at € 429 on the official store of the mark (in September 2015 prices - pre-orders), it comes as its price suggests, a high-end mobile.

1. Aesthetics: it's beautiful, it's big

Oppo R7 Plus - vue 03
What is certain is that at first glance, the R7 More looks great, and rightly so.This is still a great phablet with a 6-inch screen, and undoubtedly, it will use 2 hands when typing SMS and others.Another undeniable point: the mobile is beautiful, and it is elegant.The forms and materials are worked rigorously selected (Corning Gorilla glass back and metal frame).So much so that the brand claims that the back of the device (excluding glass front so) consists of 92% metal.However, there exists a negative counterpart: the back of the device can not be removed, the mobile is called "monoblock", and in all logic, not to ordinary mortals (I part) can change the battery .For now, this mobile is only available in one color version: white front / back gold.But nothing says that the brand is not so, ultimately, a white version of / money (nothing comes to confirm either ...).

Dimensions: 15.8 cm long x 8.2 cm wide x 0.8 cm thick | Weight: 192 grams.

2. Image and sound: big screen, beautiful image

Oppo R7 Plus - vue 08
The advantage of a large 6-inch screen? The guaranteed cinema effect.Especially since this R7 Plus offers a Super AMOLED display, with deep blacks own this technology, which is a bonus with Full HD resolution (1080p).Watching movies is a real pleasure, as well as play 3D games.A very nice and big screen!In terms of sound, to nothing (re) say regarding the jack 3.5 and earpiece. All 2 functioning perfectly.And as for the speaker, it is unfortunately placed in the back of the device, and provide a muffled since this smartphone is placed on a table for example.However, we must admit that the sound is very good, and when premium is very powerful.This speaker and probably one of the best "mono" never tested by Top For Phone.

Screen: 6 inches (Super AMOLED) with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), is therefore a 367ppp density.
Sound: 3.5 jack and rear mono speaker. classic earpiece.

3. Performance: High but not insane

Oppo R7 Plus - vue 16
The OPPO R7 Plus offers very good performance.Performance consistent with those of his twin brother almost whom he shares some components (like the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 615).The phone is powerful and efficient, and permits operation without any problems, all large applications and large 3D games.Thus, Asphalt 8 "high quality graphics" mode shows no signs, no jerk, and while the screen is 1080p and the number of 3D elements to be displayed is a result.In terms of storage memory, ouch!Initial 32GB claimed by the brand are found cut by nearly a third during the first start ... and leave available to the user that 20,5Go.However, and although this memory is already widely and comfortable enough, this phone has a micro SD slot (then just remove one of the two slots for SIM cards) that will add a few GB welcome.

Antutu: 37.600 points | Epic Citadel: 35 fps "ultra high quality" mode (mode "ultra high performance").
Processor: Eight-core 1.5GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 - MSM8939) | RAM: 3GB | GPU: Adreno 405.
Storage memory: 32GB of memory that becomes 20,5Go when first starting. micro SD slot available depending on the configuration chosen by the user.

4. Connectivity: complete and comprehensive, but ...

Oppo R7 Plus - vue 05
One of the strengths of the OPPO R7 Plus also poses one of its weaknesses ...For if the mobile is equipped with a 4G LTE connection, it has only frequencies B3 / B7 (and incidentally B1 / B5).So therefore it lacks the B20 frequency used by French operators ... which may in some situations be uncomfortable, then causing the rocker phone 4G to 3G.3G which has fortunately frequencies of 2 900 and 2100MHz used in France. So from that side, no complaints.Note that like all modern mobile, and more so when it comes to international smartphone, the R7 Plus is a GSM quad-band that you can take with you around the world to make and receive calls / SMS.And of course, this phone has all the connectivity necessary for a worthy smartphone of the name, including the Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n / ac, hotspot), Bluetooth (4.0), micro USB (USB OTG ), aGPS, 3.5 jack, etc.Finally, this smartphone has a dual-SIM slot location, which can be converted by the user in single location sim + micro SD card.Note that the 2 SIM card slots are "nano" format. A choice that could potentially compel you ask your operator a new sim card to the right size (which, depending on the operator may or may not be free).About 4G frequency - B20 (800MHz):This frequency is currently used in France by operators that are Bouygues (B3 / B7 / B20), Orange (B7 / B20) and SFR (B7 / B20).Free is not concerned by this problem because not using the B20 frequency (but only the frequency B7).This reduces the number of which necessarily 4G antennas that can operate this mobile.In addition, to diagram to excess what the 800MHz frequency, be aware that this is the most exploited frequency for the coverage of rural areas, in contrast to the 2600MHz frequency, mainly used in middle urban.

5. Operating system: Android ultra-overcoated

Oppo R7 Plus - vue 17
As is often the case (one could say 99% of the time), found on this mobile Chinese design a well-known and powerful operating system: Android.And not just that version since this mobile is updated, with version 5.1 "Lollipop". The latest version Android to date.However, the brand does not stop there, because this R7 Plus, the system has been completely revised.And if it is based on Android, it is now declined in version 2.1 ColorOSMore than just a wrapper, here we are facing a significant aesthetic and ergonomic changes.And a slight change in terms of the application.In terms of design, we are entitled to wallpapers, icons (and original ringtones).Not to mention a theme manager to download more wallpapers and icons.Ergonomics has been revised so that there is more depth of navigation.Everything is so centered on one or more host panels, which are linked to one after the other, and used to organize (as folders) all your applications and games.There is also a widget for the mp3 player taking the style of a turntable (note: surprising choice as the thing will probably not speak to younger users).Still relatively ergonomics we also find original features such as fingerprint reader (which fantastically works well), the "Gestures and movements" function that lets you configure movement to switch off, among others ...Finally, in terms of applications installed natively include for example:- Security Center: will delete the RAM (in auto or manual.), Monitor the conso. data, block incoming calls, etc.- Files: As the name suggests, a management / file browser, customized, and effective.- Kingsoft Office: who can read and edit documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.- Store of themes which allows you to customize the look of the system via the themes (wallpapers, icon packs, etc.).- Music: an optimized mp3 player, with its widget in turntable look.- O-Cloud to store data in yet another cloud.- Video: video player, but does not support as many codecs as the excellent (but more austere as to look) VLC.

Operating system: Android 5.1 "Lollipop" | Overlay: 2.1 ColorOS

6. Usage: good at everything, including the most complicated

Oppo R7 Plus - vue 14
Like any self-respecting modern smartphone, the Oppo R7 Plus is capable of playing mp3 / videos, send SMS, read email, view a webpage, call from abroad, etc.A smartphone quite efficient on uses that could almost be described as "basic".However, there are many aspects that 2 smartphones fail to differentiate, namely the quality of photos taken, and proposed independence.And that's good, because these 2 points, it is here on the very good.Thus, photographs sensors without being the best performing market (yes, on this point, some brands offer unassailables flagships) gives beautiful images.Note, however, the strong trend of this smartphone to push the sharpness of the image (the "dive") and to force the contrast, the risk of darkening photos.But whether with its dorsal Sony 13MP sensor or Omnivision front of 8MP well, we have a result quite convincing.Especially as the autofocus is fast and the dual rear LED flash is very powerful.The autonomy is itself another of the many highlights of this mobile.In spite of an energy screen, the R7 More available a beautiful autonomy can read for hours of videos, and playing video games.In addition, we note the "quick-charging" function (as long as you use the charger supplied with this mobile) named "VOOC flash charge".The brand claiming that 30 minutes sufficient charge to charge the battery to 75% (from 0% so).

Device back picture: 13MP (Sony IMX278) with dual-LED flash and autofocus and f / 2.2. See a sample picture.
Front camera: 8MP (OmniVision OV8858) and f / 2.4. See a sample picture.
Battery: Non-removable 4,100 mAh of. With "Quick charge". 1 hour video will consume 15-18% less energy.

In conclusion: very good smartphone

This OPPO R7 More is definitely a great mobile.Featuring strengths that enable it to distinguish good numbers of competitors. This is particularly true of its AMOLED 1080p display and its metal design.We can also mention the beautiful autonomy proposed and the "quick-charging" function (when using the adapter provided for this purpose).We much pictures sensors, the result is convincing, but we would have liked the back sensor is supported by an image stabilizer which seems clearly not be the case.Add to this performance quite satisfactory, and that allow this mobile to work perfectly in all circumstances, including with larger 3D games lovers of the moment ...However, the most demanding notice that yes, this phone does not reach the 50,000 points Antutu proposed by some South Korean models (whose prices are still soared to a thousand euros now).But now, all is not rosy ... and however good this mobile, the fact remains that it has no past SAR certification (European Union) or the SAR certification (USA).Not to mention that unfortunate absent B20 frequency of mobile and do not allow it to exploit all the French 4G antennas then forcing him to switch to 3G fashion ...Nevertheless, the picture is quite positive, and for the price of € 429 (introductory price - September 2015), we must admit that this is a good deal ... if you have the necessary budget.

Goodies: design, large screen and Full HD, high performance, autonomy (+ the "quick-charging" function).
Cons: - (!) 4G frequency missing B20, high price (premium obliges).

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