Tutorial: How to receive notifications only from your favorite contacts?

You receive a lot of emails to your Gmail account, so that from the notifications that appear on your smartphone, you end up losing? Never miss messages from your most important contacts, here are some simple tips to implement.


The organization emails in itself is a business that can seem complex to those who are not particularly storage amateurs. However, Gmail offers simple options for sorting messages. And it is precisely based on this sort - the famous "labels" created from filters - you can receive personalized notifications. Understand that with some quick manipulation, you can receive notifications only for emails from specific senders, or including specific keywords.

Create new filtersIt all starts in your browser on a computer or mobile browser on your phone, as the option is not available on the Gmail application for Android. This is where you have to create your filter.
To do this, click the small arrow pointing down to the right of the search box in your emails. You will access a selection criteria, you can fill depending on what you want: an email address, a keyword set in the message subject or body text, or exclude a keyword that does not suit you. Then click on "create a filter from this research."

creer-filtreAlso note that you can go through an already open email. Beside the boom to answer or forward the message, click the arrow down and click "Filter messages like this." You will find the steps listed above.

Manage Your TagsIt is from this point you can either choose to assign the filter to a label (that is to say, a file) existing or to a new folder. Other options available to you, but in this case, select the "Apply the label" and then click "Select a language". You can either create a new one, or choose an existing one.
Set the parameters of your mobile notificationsThe rest of the operation is in your phone. Go to your Gmail app, then in Settings. Scrollez a little down, and you will find an option "Manage labels." Inside, you will find the list of your labels (associated with filters: you follow). Click on the one you created and click "Assign a label to the notifications." You might choose to connect your label to a specific ringtone and whether to enable the buzzer. So be warned specifically of messages from a specific contact, or evoking a particular topic.
If you have regrets, you can obviously go in Gmail settings, browser, and then go to the "Filters and blocked addresses" tab to create, import, or removing filters.

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