Why many smartphones do not offer FM radio?

Smartphones offer many useful and entertaining features to play better organize our daily or take pictures. But lately they have taken the unpleasant habit of not offer FM radio.

Of course, you can always listen to your favorite radio stations streaming but it appears unlikely that smartphone manufacturers do not offer this feature even while the chip for radio is integrated into its components.

FM radio chip is integrated but why is not activated?

The first thing to know is that the vast majority of smartphones have a chip for FM radio already built into the motherboard of the phone, but more and more manufacturers disable the like Samsung, which for the Galaxy S3 decided not activate.

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LG is one of the other manufacturers who decided to disable the chip, while HTC and Motorola continue to propose the default. If you own a Samsung smartphone, LG or another brand that has the same policy, then you have to use an application to listen to streaming radio as TuneIn Radio or applications radios.

Is it legal or ethical to have the FM radio off?

Answering this question is not easy. Is this legal? Yes. Nothing obliges a manufacturer to offer features they deem as nonessential to its users or against its interests. Is it ethical? The answer is rather subjective, but if I have to answer, I would say no, because it is simply a software lock that was done voluntarily.

NAB wanted to make it compulsory to activate the chip through a bill

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), a US trade association representing the interests of radio and TVs, wanted to make it compulsory to activate the chip through a bill. Manufacturers then organized their defense explaining that the public preferred to listen to podcasts and music streaming applications.
I will allow me to give an opinion (and I hope that in the comments, you also give the). The FM radio is much more interesting for the cost of data (no need internet) and for autonomy. If I want to listen to the radio lost in the mountains or in the countryside and I have no internet connection, what can I do, if not listen to the sound of birds singing? It is clear that if we pay for this chip, it should be active and we leave the choice to use it or not.

All is not lost, it is possible to activate

Fortunately, resistance was organized against the policy of certain manufacturers. There are so few methods to activate the FM chip smartphone. Of course, you will need to use headphones or a headset antenna guide.

The NAB has created a free application to enable the FM radio of 58 known models. Start by checking whether your smartphone is in this list.

NextRadio - Free Live FM Radio
If the above method does not work, there are paid apps (expect 7.78 euros):

Spririt1 for non Rootes devices
Spirit2 for Rootes and AOSP ROMs devices
Unfortunately, I can guarantee that you will get to listen to FM radio with these applications.
Are you one of those who criticize this decision? What do you think of the behavior of manufacturers?

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