Android N: application optimization after an update is now much faster

There is no small improvements. One of the new features of Android N is called Quick Path. It installs faster applications on the phone, even the largest, and considerably shortened the time to pop-up "application optimization," which appeared in the updating of a device.

All owners of a recent Android smartphone have already experienced the scene. In an update of its smartphone or the tablet, upon restart, Android often displays a pop-up on white background on which it is stated that Android updates and optimizes applications on the phone. A step that can sometimes take several minutes, depending on the number of applications installed on the phone.

This pop-up with Android N, will now be much faster. This is already the case, for example, the preview version of Android N, available since last night. The reason for this acceleration is due to the virtual machine Android, ART, which is now much faster and efficient than Android Lollipop Marshmallow and, thanks to its compiler, JIT.

This compiler enabled Android development teams to accelerate the installation of applications and system updates. Google called this "Quick path to app install." Applications including those that are several hundred MB can now be installed in seconds. The pop-up installation is still present, but now disappears in seconds while it would sometimes take five or ten minutes earlier.

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