Android N, code name "New York Cheesecake"

What is the real name of Android N? At Google, we refuse to say for now. And speaking of Android N, Android's leaders speak in code as the New York Cheesecake. An internal code name that will not be the final name.

android N new york cheesecakeSince Android 4.4, the Android development team in-house code names for their next version of the mobile OS. In the case of KitKat, its codenamed Key Lime Pie (lime pie "lime"), for Lollipop, Google talked about Lemon Meringue Pie (lemon meringue pie) and Marshmallow Macadamia Nut Cookie (cookie with nuts macadamia).N for Android, the source code already gives a very serious lead on its code name: NYC. And Android Police, there is no doubt that its internally codenamed New York Cheesecake, cheesecake topped with a berry coulis, part of which is a picture of this news.Intensive options, but fewWhat is certain now is that Android N will not take the name of New York Cheesecake Android, code names are always different from the final name. The final name, precisely, is still unclear. Nutella seems necessary to the general public, but do not forget that this is a mark, particularly a controversial brand for its use of palm oil. The concept of brand is not, however embarrassing in itself, since the K Android 4.4 was ultimately that of KitKat, gluttony Nestle.Sweets N remaining are few. It remains the nougat nuggets (yes, nuggets) or the nonpareil. The answer should certainly get around the month of September or, but it is probable month at the Google I / O 2016.

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