iPhone SE: does it fall for the smallest and least expensive of the current iPhone?

Our colleagues and colleagues have published their Numerama test the  iPhone SE . The 4-inch Apple smartphone released just a few days ago was truly convinced Julien, who speaks with a device "an iPhone 6S soul in a body of iPhone 5S."
Meanwhile our test should happen in the coming days, Numerama has already delivered its verdict on the iPhone SE . Julien, who was able to test the device for several weeks, the iPhone SE is a very genuine little iPhone not an iPhone on the cheap as could be the iPhone 5C at the time. Numerama praise indeed the smallness of the smartphone, indicating that it is very easy to resume its brands on a small screen, fully accessible with a single thumb.

Beautiful finishes and an excellent camera

To our colleagues, the design of the iPhone SE is simply outstanding. Starting with the color pink. "Even for a smartphone sold from 489 euros, one remains in the Apple standard level of finishes and color of the shell is not too gaudy or too flashy."
Finally, the main flaw of this little screen, it's almost impossible to enjoy multimedia use and gaming. "We most gladly poses SE iPhone on the nightstand on the way home and never think of the resume of the evening an iPhone or other smartphone 6S largest that retains an interest in the house face more devices sedentary ". At FrAndroid an additional default will be added to this: the screen of the iPhone SE is really not good. Between her big screen edges, the space between the glass and the screen or the poor viewing angles, we saw the Cupertino do much better.
iphone sE Numerama
Finally, Numerama really shows convinced by the camera of the iPhone SE. It must be said that Apple used the same camera sensor as the iPhone 6S. And we must admit that some shots in the article are downright compelling. Too bad Apple has played the card of stinginess on the front sensor incorporating a 1.2 MP sensor. Even Android smartphones under 200 euros are better than that now.

Should we take the cheapest of the current iPhone?

If you are wondering if it is possible and reasonable to take the smallest and cheapest of the latest generation of iPhone without lapsing into technical performance or design hardware, then the test Numerama answer your questions. Julien are essentially addresses the uses and recommends also widely found the device to which the current phones too big. From our side, we will test the SE iPhone in good standing within a week or two. We also will look less on the software aspect of the manufacturing quality, finishes, hardware and performance.

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