Backup Stock / Custom ROM via Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery

If you are an advanced Android user then you must be definitely interested in flashing different updated firmwares or installing new Custom ROMs. But such direct flashing without any backup is a bit risky and can sometimes prove frustrating or even heart breaking. Hence it’s never safe unless a backup copy is made.

We always recommend all our Android users to first and foremost backup their current existing ROM whether it may be Stock or Custom before proceeding to any flashing processes. Such a backup also called as Nandroid backup is very essential whenever disaster strikes. Although it sounds pretty complicated, but it’s much easier than you think.
Nandroid backup is the backup of the whole operating system of your device which includes all your system data, user data, your installed apps, data saved in these individual apps, contacts and even the accounts created. Also the boot image and kernels that you installed will be saved. This way it’ll be very easy and convenient for you to recover the same whenever it’s needed.
Backup of your current ROM can be done in different ways. Some of which are
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  1. CWM Recovery
  2. TWRP Recovery
  3. 4EXT Recovery
  4. xRecovery
Here in this article we’ll be guiding you in properly taking a Nandroid backup via ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery.
  • Make sure that your device is charged at least up to 70%, as it is always risky in case of low battery.
  • It is highly recommended that your device is rooted.
  • The Clockworkmod recovery must be installed on your device.
How to Backup / Restore ROM using CWM recovery:
Well, having a custom recovery agent on a device is much helpful and of great advantage too. Its feature of backing up whole ROM, whether it is Stock or Custom on internal / external storage of your device gives it much importance. We strongly recommend you to keep a backup of your current ROM as disaster can knock your door any time without knowing you. Now let’s head on to the detail steps on how to Backup and Restore Stock / Custom ROM with CWM custom recovery.

Backup Stock / Custom ROM:
  • First manually boot your device into CWM recovery mode. This can be done by pressing and holding certain specific combination of buttons. Note that every device has different booting procedure.
  • In Recovery mode, use Volume Up and Down key for Navigation and Power Button for Selection. In case if you have a touch based recovery, use the on-screen navigation.
  • Go to ‘backup and restore’ option using Volume keys (unless you have touch enabled recovery).

  • Now, select ‘backup’ option using power key.

Note: You may get less options than you’re seeing in this image. It may be because of modified version of CWM recovery. So no need to bother about that.
  • The Process will start and backup will be completed within a few minutes. It will be saved in a folder named ‘Clockworkmod/backup’ on your device’s internal or external storage depending on what location you choose while creating the backup (never rename this folder). If you don’t have an option to save the backup then generally, backup will be saved on internal storage (for phones like Galaxy S3, Note 2, Xperia Z etc. else it will be stored in external SD card (for phones like Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini etc.).
  • From my point of view it is much better to backup your current ROM on the external storage of your device as sometimes flashing a ROM can cause your device to face problems like boot loops, frozen state and lagging. To recover these problems it is necessary to wipe the data of your device. But doing so can delete all the data stored on the device internal storage. Hence don’t forget to backup a ROM on external storage of your device only. Later on you can copy it on your computer.
Restore Stock / Custom ROM:
  • For restoring it is must that you have made any backup of a ROM on your internal/external storage.
  • Similarly as explained above, at first you need to boot your device into CWM recovery mode. In Recovery mode use Volume Up and Down key for Navigation and Power Key for Selection.
  • Go to ‘backup and restore’ option. You’ll see the list of all backups which you’ve made earlier. Choose one of the backup you want and select ‘restore’ using volume and power key. Click yes to confirm your choice.

  • The Process will start and restore will be completed within a few minutes. Now go back Reboot your device after the restore completes.
Yeah..! That’s it. You have successfully backed up your Stock/Custom ROM using the ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery. If you have any issues, suggestions or problems regarding this procedure then don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section below. We’ll try to sort out them as soon as possible.

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