Huawei Mate 10 is not a smartphone, new teaser says

     Now that we're getting ever closer to the October 16 event during which Huawei will make the Mate 10 series official, the Chinese company has started ramping up the teasers for its next flagship device.
In a new short video posted on Twitter, Huawei brazenly claims that the Mate 10 "is not a smartphone" - that's a direct quote as you can see. What is it then, you wonder? Well, the company refers to it as "an intelligent machine".
As you may have gathered, AI seems to be the big focus in Huawei's marketing campaign for the Mate 10, because it's going to be powered by the company's Kirin 970 chipset which features a dedicated neural processing unit for on-device AI capabilities.
Implying that the phone is alive, though, might be pushing things just a tad further than necessary - especially considering where we're currently at when it comes to the smartness level of AI.

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