Galaxy S8 Plus firmware : Stock ROM for Android 8.0 Oreo

Samsung’s rollout of Galaxy S8 Oreo update is now complete as the Android 8.0 OS is now available for all the variants of the device around the world, whether you talk about the global unlocked sets or the carrier locked handsets at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or any other carrier.
Thankfully, the firmware for the Android Oreo update is also for download, well provided below. On this page, you will find the firmware download links that are fast and yet free for latest and old updates of the device.

Be sure to download the firmware meant for your region, and do check out a particular section for this below before installing the firmware.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Firmware

All the Galaxy S8 Plus models in the US come with the same model no. now, but their firmware are available separately. But because their firmware are cross-compatible, meaning you can flash a firmware meant strictly for T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Plus on AT&T S8 Plus, and that won’t cause any problem — your AT&T SIM would work just alright. Nonetheless, we have still segregated firmware for respective carrier models, because we can, and it feels safer too.
How to identify firmware exactly meant for your carrier in the USA?

Well, the US Galaxy S8 Plus comes with model no. SM-G955U for all carriers (SM-G955U1 is an unlocked device), so you have to find the SM-G955U firmware that ends with the code of your carrier. The carrier codes are as follows:
  • ATT for AT&T Galaxy S8+
  • SPR for Sprint Galaxy S8+
  • TMB for T-Mobile Galaxy S8+
  • VZW for Verizon Wireless Galaxy S8+
  • USC for US Cellular Galaxy S8+

Android 8.0 Oreo firmware

Yes, the Android 8.0 update is now available as firmware for the Galaxy S8+. Check the model no. of your device first, and then download the latest Android 8.0 update firmware available in the table below for that exact model number.
It’s easy.

Firmware cross-compatibility

You can install any firmware for the model no. SM-G955U on your device as it doesn’t matter as long as the model no. remains same. It would fully work on your AT&T Galaxy S8+.
Yes, this means that you can install a Verizon/T-Mobile S8+ firmware on your AT&T S8+, and vice versa. The only difference will be the extra apps (read: bloatware) that each carrier may out in or not put in, in which case, you are always better off AT&T firmware.

Galaxy S8 firmware download

The other firmware files are as per your device’s model no., as usual, so no code-finding-in-firmware-name-exercise required for models other than SM-G955U (US model).

Note: Do not install SM-G955U1 firmware on SM-G955U device, or vice-versa. Also, Canadian Galaxy S8+ comes with model no. SM-G955W, not U.
A proper AT&T S8+ firmware, anyway! It’s common to not find a lot of firmware files for AT&T model of Samsung devices. Well, that’s the case with Samsung’s S8 too, and thus you won’t find a particular firmware for AT&T variant above, but we do have one firmware for the AT&T Galaxy S8+, given below.
  • AT&T S8 Plus only – version G955USQS1AQF7 –
  • More firmware will be added here when available.
  • Of course, you can install T-Mobile or Verizon S8 Plus’s firmware on your AT&T S8. And vice versa.
Download the firmware as per your device’s model no. from below.

ModelDateSoftware version | Android versionFree Download Link
SM-G955016 Jun 2018G9550ZHU2CRD4 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955027 Dec 2018G9550ZHU2AQL2 | Android 7.0
SM-G955F09 Jun 2018G955FXXU2CRED | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955F16 Apr 2018G955FXXU1CRD7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955F15 Mar 2018G955FXXU1CRC7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955F19 Feb 2018G955FXXU1CRB7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955FG955FXXU1CRAP | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955F20 Nov 2017G955FXXU1AQK7 | Android 7.0
SM-G955F07 Jul 2017G955FXXU1AQG5 | Android 7.0
SM-G955F08 Jun 2017G955FXXU1AQF7 | Android 7.0
SM-G955FD13 Dec 2017G955FXXU1AQL5 | Android 7.0
SM-G955FD19 May 2017G955FXXU1AQEB | Android 7.0
SM-G955FD11 May 2017G955FXXU1AQE5 | Android 7.0
SM-G955FD25 Apr 2017G955FXXU1AQDG | Android 7.0
SM-G955N19 Feb 2018G955NKSU1CRB7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955N11 Dec 2017G955NKSU1AQL3 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U14 Jun 2018G955USQU3CRD4 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U13 Mar 2018G955USQU2CRC5 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U26 Feb 2018G955USQU2CRB9 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U10 Nov 2017G955USQU2BQK5 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U08 Nov 2017G955USQU1AQK3 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U25 Oct 2017G955USQU1AQJH | Android 7.0
SM-G955U18 Oct 2017G955USQU1AQJ8 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U01 Sep 2017G955USQU1AQHD | Android 7.0
SM-G955U29 Jul 2017G955USQU1AQGL | Android 7.0
SM-G955U14 Jul 2017G955USQU1AQGA | Android 7.0
SM-G955U07 Jul 2017G955USQU1AQG4 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U26 Jun 2017G955USQU1AQFJ | Android 7.0
SM-G955U24 May 2017G955USQU1AQEF | Android 7.0
SM-G955U27 Apr 2017G955USQU1AQDF | Android 7.0
SM-G955U27 Apr 2017G955USQU1AQDE | Android 7.0
SM-G955U07 Apr 2017G955USQU1AQD9 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U11 Mar 2017G955USQU1AQC9 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U11 Mar 2017G955USQU1AQC8 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U24 May 2018G955USQS3CRE2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U23 Feb 2018G955USQS2BRB1 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U16 Jun 2017G955USQS2BQL1 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U18 Oct 2017G955USQS1AQJA | Android 7.0
SM-G955U18 Sep 2017G955USQS1AQI6 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U09 Jun 2017G955USQS1AQF7 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U123 Jun 2018G955U1UEU3CRD4 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U126 Feb 2018G955U1UEU2CRB9 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U107 Nov 2017G955U1UEU2AQK2 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U108 Aug 2017G955U1UEU1AQH3 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U110 Jul 2017G955U1UEU1AQG2 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U125 May 2017G955U1UEU1AQE3 | Android 7.0
SM-G955U127 Apr 2017G955U1UEU1AQDC | Android 7.0
SM-G955U124 May 2018G955U1UES3CRE2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955U114 Jun 2017G955U1UES2AQL1 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W02 May 2018G955WVLU3BRD5 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955W13 Mar 2018G955WVLU2BRC1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955W26 Feb 2018G955WVLU2BRB7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955W21 Nov 2017G955WVLU2AQK7 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W18 Oct 2017G955WVLU1AQJ4 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W11 Sep 2017G955WVLU1AQI3 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W15 Jul 2017G955WVLU1AQG5 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W24 May 2017G955WVLU1AQEJ | Android 7.0
SM-G955W27 Apr 2017G955WVLU1AQDE | Android 7.0
SM-G955W07 Apr 2017G955WVLU1AQD9 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W11 May 2018G955WVLS3BRE1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-G955W29 Jan 2018G955WVLS2ARA1 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W03 Aug 2017G955WVLS1AQH1 | Android 7.0
SM-G955W12 Jun 2017G955WVLS1AQF7 | Android 7.0

How to download the correct firmware file

This is an important part!
Be sure to check and find the correct model no. of your Galaxy S8+. Then, based on your device’s model no., look for the appropriate firmware build from above.

How to identify the model no. 
 simply check it on its packaging box, or under Settings > About. Another solid trick would be to look at the packaging box of your device (in case you can’t power on the device because it is bricked).

Now that you know the model no., download the latest firmware from above for that model no. exactly.
Next, install the firmware on your Galaxy S8+ by following the guide linked right below.

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