here are the worst applications that consume the battery of your smartphone

A French study unveils the 30 applications that lead the battery of smartphones the most. Web browsers are the majority in the top 10 and they are followed by social networks. TikTok is at the top of the rankings of the worst apps for smartphone independence, with consumption twice the average of other apps.
Autonomy is a precious resource on our smartphones. Most users constantly monitor the battery meter, especially those who use their smartphone intensively. But some applications discharge the batteries at a higher than average speed.

The worst applications for the autonomy of your smartphone
Atos, the French computer giant in collaboration with the French startup Greenspector, has recently published a ranking of the most energy-consuming applications on smartphones. In general, web browsers and social networks discharge batteries faster than others. Call applications are the least energy-consuming. The report states in fact that it "empties its smartphone twice as fast by surfing the web than by calling".

The worst of the applications for autonomy is TikTok, the social network that has become very popular among teens. The Opera Mini browser is the second most energy-hungry app, followed by Twitter, which takes the third step of the podium. The following three applications are web browsers. These are UC browser, Google Chrome and Samsung Internet which occupy respectively the 4th, 5th and 6th place in the ranking of the worst applications for autonomy.

Finally, only one game is in the top 10 and it is Candy Crush who comes in 7th place, followed by Google Search, the file transfer application SHAREit and Facebook who is ranked tenth . Here is a visual presenting the entirety of the top 30. The report of Atos is available in PDF at this address

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