Now you can Enable dark mode on all Apps in Android 10

Android OS has come a long way in terms of usability and simplification of aspects of smartphone functionality. Google is constantly working on improving the Android operating system. One of the main aspects of the smartphone's operating system is the dark mode. This property has been in constant evolution since the last Android operating systems published by Google. Dark mode helps relieve eye strain when using an application late at night or in the dark. In recent times, many apps have been trying to bring dark mode independently. In fact, dark mode has also extended its reach to the desktop version of apps.
As for the latest Android operating system also known as Android 10, the dark mode is still being tested. While the new operating system promises a system-wide dark mode, that doesn't have to happen with all apps yet.

In this guide, we will explain how to activate the dark mode on smartphones based on Android 10. This means that we will use a certain technique to force the dark mode on all the applications which run under Android 10. No matter the brand of smartphone you are using. This trick should work effectively on all smartphones.

How to enable dark mode on all apps in Android 10

As we said, once activated, the dark mode will be effective for all applications. You don't have to do it separately for all the apps you have on your device. We can assure you that this tip works 100%.

All you have to do is activate the developer option on your device. If you don't know how to activate it, then rest assured. It's very simple.

  • Access the settings on your device. Then go to about the device. Below you will see a tab called Build number.
  • Press the build number tab 7 times and you will see a pop-up message "Now You are A Developer" or "Developer Options Enabled".

That's it. Now if you go back to the settings you will see a new tab called Developer Options. This is where our modification should be made. Guess what..? All we need to do is flip a switch to activate system-wide dark mode. Let's see the detailed process below.


  • An Android smartphone running Android 10
  • The developer option on the smartphone must be activated


  • Go to Settings> Developer Options
  • Look for an option called Override force-dark.
  • If you don't find such an option under Developer Options, don't worry.
  • In the search option above the developer option, type "dark mode". Immediately, you should see the Override force dark option. Tap it.

Now just flip the toggle to activate forced darkening.

  • That's it

Now you can access any of your apps that are not yet using dark mode. These applications should now run in dark mode. Don't believe us.?

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