Wiko SUNNY2 FRP Latest methode

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method designed to prevent anyone from simply erasing and resetting your phone at the factory if you have lost or stolen it. As of Android Lollipop, the PRF is "standard" in Android vanilla, and most mobile phone manufacturers have implemented it in their own models. That's a good thing - it makes using a stolen phone more difficult, making it less attractive to thieves, and anything that can protect our data on a phone we've lost is welcome.

This can become a problem if you sell, exchange or even give a phone without resetting it at the factory. How it works explains why.
You must be logged in with the "owner" account of the phone (the one with which you configured it) to be able to reset it at the factory. This means that if you give me your phone, I can not reset it without logging in. There are random workarounds on the Internet, but they tend to be corrected as soon as they are discovered. Before you can reset it and create a new owner account, you must know the login information of the last account you are using.
After installing and opening the "frplock" app, tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner, then choose "Browser" and sign in with one of your Google Accounts or create a new account. Restart the phone and proceed with the configuration. If you are stuck on "check the connection", wait ...

So, in this tutorial, we easily introduced the latest method to bypass the Google FRP Wiko Sunny account by following a few simple steps.

Today i will teach you how to bypass Frp lock (Google account Security) on Wiko Sunny 2. If You Are Now Facing FRP Lock After Doing Hard Reset or Factory Reset Then Don’t Worry in this method no need any box dongle or flash file and without PC. just proceed as in the video tuttorial to skip wiko sunny 2 frp. 

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