Error 53: Apple apologizes, repair his error and refund customers

Image result for Error 53: AppleApple just back off on error 53, the famous controversy that prevented the brand's customers at Apple repair their phones outside the official network. Apple offers a patch for the latest update iOS 9.2.1 that unblocks smartphones repaired outside the Apple network.

When Apple has delivered the update iOS 9, users who had changed the home button on their iPhone were shocked to see the iPhone become unusable. Specifically, the iPhone could perform the update OTA, but if the user was restoring his phone via iTunes or put the update in this way, the restoration was impossible and the iPhone becomes unusable. Many Apple customers have to change their screen in non-official shops, that do not bother to keep the original home button. Without it, the TouchID functionality not working. But with the faulty update, its just the iPhone that did not work as we saw last week. Apple has to backtrack, following a media frenzy ... or a bad buzz.

Touch ID

An apology from Apple

In a statement to the site Techcrunch, Apple apologizes to its customers and provides some details on the error 53 that corresponds to the detection of a security problem. For the Mountain View giant, this error should not have been posted and the iPhone should not have been blocked because it is a test carried out at the factory to ensure the proper functioning of fingerprint sensor. Instead of error 53, the iPhone should have simply disable the operation of the fingerprint sensor, as it did with older iOS versions for home buttons that are not original.

An update and a refund

To repair his mistake, Apple offers iOS 9.2.1 patch that customers affected by error 53 can download and install on the iPhone via iTunes. After installing the update, the iPhone will be operational again without losing data from the device. For customers who have bought an iPhone through a replacement-warranty (charged between 320 and 350 euros depending on model), Apple will reimburse the expenses incurred.

Apple Communication

In the end, Apple is doing well in this business, but it must be emphasized that the manufacturer took weeks to respond, and that media coverage has certainly decided Apple to make the right decision. Especially in this time, Apple is trying to put his side consumers in the area of ​​security, with the battle against the US government. So it seems that Apple's actions are not so disinterested that releases we suggest.

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