Google Nexus 5X: a mod to get stereo speakers

A model on the XDA Developers forums transforms the two independent loudspeakers Nexus 5X Google into a stereo speaker system. Just flash a file of several hundred kilobytes.
The Nexus 5X Google, manufactured by LG, has well two speakers. We find a top smartphone, which allows you to hear his correspondent during calls. The second, placed at the bottom, diffuse system sounds, eg when viewing a video. A developer of the famous XDA Developers forum has had the good idea to operate together these two speakers to deliver stereo sound. To do so, simply visit the dedicated topic, download the archive "surround sound" and flash content. We advise you to backup your personal data if the flash would not happen smoothly.
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The developer also has another archive, called "loud speaker". As the name suggests, the flash of this archive will increase the output power of the speaker used when communicating. Users who tested this mod recommend a volume of between 86 and 87 dB for beyond, there would be too much distortion. Users also recommend installing ElementalX to reduce the gain of the main speaker from -10 dB, as the latter has a more powerful output as the second speaker, then distorting the stereo image.
Since the two speakers of the Nexus 5X can operate in stereo after a few tweaks, it is a pity that LG and Google did not take the decision to integrate this option by default. Could it be fear of cannibalizing sales of the Nexus 6P prompting the manufacturer in that direction?

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