Heroes of Skyrealm, an action RPG coming to mobile

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Heroes of Skyrealm, an action RPG coming to mobile
Chinese studio Mechanist Games has just announced its new game, Heroes of Skyrealm, an upcoming action-RPG on iOS and Android later this year.
Known for Guardian Spirit and City of Steam, Mechanist Games Unveils Heroes of Skyrealm, "a heroic action-RPG in 3D in an unforgettable universe." The player incarnates the leader of a rebel group seeking to free the world from the evil empire that inhabits it. Only still free place, the sky becomes his headquarters, or more particularly the vessel therein, a real "city in the sky."
HoS features 30 playable characters from 10 different nations. Three of them then form a group to go save the world through a single player campaign. A co-op mode with three players is also discussed, and a PvP mode. The graphics are as for them all in 3D, from the sets to the characters.
The game focuses on its characters, both in the background, apparently worked in depth, that the synergies between the various protagonists. Furthermore, a garrison system granting bonuses to characters remaining on board the aircraft pushes the player not to be confined to the same three characters constantly.
Heroes of Skyrealm is scheduled for mid-2016. It is possible to register for the closed beta to try the game before its release.

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