Instant Articless for all publishers from April 12

Facebook Ads through his blog, the Instant Articles will be available to all from April 12. It will nevertheless that publishers want to try it well.

facebook instant articles 1Instant Articles are now starting to have some seniority, but do not seem unduly pack users and publishers. Certainly, the consumer wins in loading time when the conditions for receiving a wireless signal or 4G / 3G is bad, but several publishers have expressed their doubts vis-à-vis the profits they can get .For now, they did very little to be able to try out the Instant Articles, but Facebook today announced that the platform is open to all publishers from April 12 without audience criteria or anything, and that 100% of the income will be donated to the media.

"We are pleased to announce that on April 12 at the F8 conference, we will open the Instant items to all publishers of all sizes around the world. To date, we have worked with hundreds of publishers around the world to build an incredibly fast and immersive reading experience for Facebook users. Although we receive comments and were bringing improvements in instant products, in parallel, we have built tools to open these items more broadly. "To view Instant Articles media, you obviously subscribe to his Facebook page. With the opening, so users should usually cross this type of articles, provided of course that publishers play the game.

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