The bracelet could happen Cicret end of 2015 according to its designers

A tablet that fits in a bracelet. An idea that will never see the day? The designers explain not.In recent days, the web is shock at the Cicret Bracelet. Basically, it is a tablet that fits in a bracelet hardly larger than a Jawbone Up. No screen so that it will be directly projected onto the user's forearm with a pico-projector. This is the concept that one can see in the video below that has been around the web these days and that is obviously the dream technophiles.

This could have been a concept designed to make a good shot of buzz Cicret to promote Cicret App, an application similar to WhatsApp messaging, but more secure; the first creation of 4 French Parisian start-up. It is not so, the thing is very serious.

Contacted by us, Cicret, through the voice of William Pommier, in charge of marketing, explains that the project goes a step further than the simple concept and they work indeed actively on it. A prototype should even be ready in a few weeks, which will obviously not as sexy of the video, as the final product. Cicret believes, however, that it could fit in a bracelet "one size up" the one shown in the video.Independent
The technologies described already exist, the main problem is to keep it all in one bracelet with one main concern: to autonomy, particularly because of the consumption of the pico-projector could then be replaced by another technology, less gourmet explains Cicret without details. Nothing is stopped.
Contrary to the impression given by the video, it must be understood that it is an independent unit, which is sufficient in itself says Guillaume Pommier. Cicret, can not imagine not replacing the smartphone. It should work in concert with him, without being dependent. The team also thought to use an OS home, without necessarily having to rely on Android to run.

A beautiful promise that could emerge relatively quickly since Guillaume Pommier is not averse to see get the product at the end of 2015, in the best case, although he admits that 2016 is more realistic . The final price could be between 300 and 400 euros, he added.
Cicret wants to make an initial fundraising of about 1 million to complete the project, it is "on track", especially since it has become the internet darling. The dream could well become reality.

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