Samsung Galaxy S7: the best screen of the time, according to Display Mate

As you would expect, the Samsung Galaxy S7 should quickly obtain the title of best screen in 2016. And according to Display mate, this is already the case.


On many expected, and the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge may well glean the title of best display of the year, in all the specialized media. Last year, we had already been impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S6, then by that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which had also won the title of best screen ever tested in Display Mate. But there it is, the reign of the period Note 5 seems elapsed, and site experts have fallen for the new Samsung devices.

Dr. Raymond Soneira to Display Mate says himself that "the Galaxy S7 becomes the most powerful smartphone screen we've ever tested" through a combination of strong performance. AMOLED displays S7 and S7 edge are, according to them, 24% brighter than those built into the Galaxy S6 series.

They measure a color temperature of 7445 K on Adaptive Mode, who voluntarily appears very bright colors, and about 6500 K on other modes, which is very good. The contrast is also improved noticeably, and the viewing angles are still as good.

To be able to take over these phones for a while, the screen is a truly impressive elements of the terminal. This year, the firm has also built an Always On Display Mode, which displays notifications, a calendar, a clock, or images on the screen saver.

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