Skype: group video calls arrive on Android

After being announced a few weeks ago, the group video calls are finally ready to appear on mobile.


There is some time, Skype announced an update to come for group calls, or video conferencing on iOS smartphones, Windows Phone and Android. A new feature for all whose availability was announced "in the coming weeks" and that the impatient could try accessing pre-registration in order to have a "snapshot" early.
Today, Skype announced the start of the deployment of this functionality on all mobile platforms in Western Europe and North America, and expects "to have completed the deployment in these markets over the next week "and it is" fully available worldwide in March. "
The application, which recently celebrated its ten years now allows group video conversations up to 25 people on a computer, and 10 people on mobile.

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Microsoft recently announced the arrival of group video calls on Skype for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (on tablets and smartphones). The Redmond company launched for the occasion a beta that has allowed tens of thousands of mobile users to test this feature.
Place in large-scale launch. The Skype team defines the scope in a blog contribution.
The deployment relates firstly to Western Europe, including France, and North America. It should be complete for the affected areas by next week. In March, this new feature of the VoIP service on iOS and Android will be available on a global level, as the timing announced by Microsoft.
The group video calls are available on PC for years. But the use of Microsoft VoIP service switches to mobile (one counts 750 million users who exploit the mobile version).
For a quality experience, Microsoft has opted for an HD display (1280 by 720 pixels), ideal compromise between image quality and fluidity. The sound quality is also waiting for you thanks to the audio codec SILK Super Wide Band. For the latter, Microsoft uses Intel to optimize its operations on servers.
Two display layouts are available. There is an arrangement of participants in a grid (grid view), the video stream of the mobile user that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.
There is also a view called "focus". Skype and the video stream instead of the one who speaks the center and bigger. Also free to each participant of the conference call to pin the center that he wants to see preference.
For the occasion, Microsoft has also increased the maximum number of participants from 5 to 25. This positions before Skype platforms such as Google Hangouts (maximum 10 participants) or ooVoo (maximum 12 participants).
Microsoft is constantly optimize Skype platform, adding functionality on mobile versions in particular. There was the real-time translation of voice and instant messages, integration and Slack in Outlook.
It also included the possibility for any individual to join a group conversation even if he does not have a Skype account. The latter is also now supported on mobile versions (iOS and Android).

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