Tutorial: How to manually install the Marshmallow Honor 7?

Marshmallow is officially available for Honor 7. If you hurry, you can perform the update manually with fairly simple steps. Remember to back up your data, just in case.Note: according to some feedback, it is one of the latest versions "beta", currently being tested by the Honor community. It is stable but there are still some small bugs.Check the version of your Honor 7 and back up your data

Capture d’écran 2016-02-20 à 11.22.01Versions "build" of Honor 7 that can benefit from the Marshmallow update are: PLK-L01C432B313, PLK-L01C432B121, PLK-L01C432B130, PLK-L01C432B140, PLK-L01C432B170 and PLK-L01C432B180.Also note that your phone must have been updated with the latest software "B170" and "B180". You can find all the updates on the forum.Remember to sync your contacts to your Google account, and back up your files (including photos). The files should not disappear, but better take the right precautions nonetheless.


Download the firmware (B320) and drivers

The firmware is downloaded on the official website of Honor, while the PC drivers can be useful to be able to move files to your device from your PC.


Use a microSD card and charge your device

This update requires mandatory use of a microSD card of 4GB (FAT32 formatted), at least. Do not hesitate to charge your over 80% unit, at least.


Start the update

Note: If your firmware is B170 or B180, you have to perform an intermediate update "B170 & 180ToB320Intermediarypacket.rar", extract the RAR. The procedure is then the same with the UPDATE.APP file.

Place the UPDATE.APP file on the microSD card, basically in the dload folder (create it if necessary).
Turn off your smartphone
Press both Volume UP and DOWN, and turn your device continuing to press both volume buttons.
The smartphone will then restart when the update is complete
You can check the update in the settings


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where can we find the : B170 & 180ToB320Intermediarypacket.rar ?I can't find it on http://www.hihonor.com/fr/support/software-list/ ..

look here



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