5 Tips for a good start on Clash Royale

Cover artAfter the incredible success of Clash of Clans that continues to shine in the eyes of the players, Supercell returns with new title just as epic: Royal Clash. This is a sort of MOBA / medieval card game combining direct clashes and strategic skills, and whose universe probably remind you of its predecessor. Let's explore the basics of this new color rich experience through this beginner's guide.

If at first Clash Royal may seem easy to learn, it does not remain less demanding. For the principle of the free to play could not be easier: arranging the multitude of maps showing the main elements that made the glory of Clash of Clans (iconic characters, special spells, defenses ...) on the contest area, you need to defeat your opponents by destroying the towers that are in the opposite camp.

But beware, each card into play requires the elixir resource that you must absolutely take into account in order to repel attacks opponents and take over your assailant. Therefore, you should arm yourself with patience and demonstrate a mastery of the management of resources.

1 Play the optimization map

Above all, it is imperative to be aware of different cards that you can use in order to know all the secrets (skills, strengths and weakness, summoning cost ...). Optimize your Deck in every detail: choose inexpensive units elixir that will be easier to invoke, but please keep an asset in your sleeve! Generally, your cards should reflect your style of play.


By opting for a more aggressive approach, fast units can be useful. However, and this is quite logical, if defensive strategy, better focus on units resistant to damage. Also note that the cards have a detrimental effect on air units are an asset of choice. In general, each of your victories you will get trophies and a multitude of diverse and varied rewards (all information for Clash Royal are available on its official website) giving you the opportunity to improve your hand.

2 Do not rush

You'll understand that patience is a virtue that is acquired with practice. So, better to learn to wait for the beginning of each confrontation. Indeed, let the opponent start the game you will among others determine his original intentions: any enemy unit has been sent, which is referred to my turrets, how-attack effectively against ... During this time, your dipstick elixir continues to grow, giving you the opportunity to react, but still sparingly, to avoid unnecessary waste. It remains vital to be able to deal with any eventuality.

Depositing a card to hurry without taking the time to analyze the situation could unfortunately be fatal ... Remember that in the absence of emergency, the wisest course is to wait until your gauge elixir back. However, do not leave it too long inactive, since once filled to its maximum, you are unable to store more elixir. So you lose valuable resources ...

3 Make sure victory

A first round you destroyed ensures a consistent advantage for you keep maintaining the pressure on your opponent. Obviously, it is imperative to keep in mind that a turnaround could occur. This is why you should constantly be one step ahead, keeping reserves of elixir under the thumb. Once again, the precipitation only rhyme defeat. Try to keep your cool and analyze the game of your opponent. The slightest mistake can be fatal, so it made the first crack.


4 Be realistic

Some situations can be lost in advance, you are useless to linger. So if one of your defenses begin to perish, dispatchez your units on one of the opposing towers. This can have the effect of diverting your enemy his first goal. If it does not, you will at least have the merit of having saved resources that will be very useful later.

5 The towers, a defense choices

Resistant, armies, these are your last line of defense. In some cases, face Gobelins eg your turrets are quite capable of self-management. No need to send units that are ultimately more useful elsewhere. Conversely, it goes without saying that a defense can not deal with knights, giants ... So be proactive and do what is necessary to protect your kingdom.

Clash Royal is now available on Android and iOS. To download, simply click the link below. The fate he may be favorable to you!


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