Clash Royale, the new game from the creators of Clash of Clans is available on Android

clash royaleRoyal Clash is now available on Android as well as iOS. The new game from the creators of Clash of Clans is an excellent strategy game mix in real time and collectible card game.

It's a nice surprise that Supercell has reserved for us. While Clash Royal was announced for a vague "March 2016", the game was released today, first thing in the month. A simultaneous release on Android and iOS.

This time, we can not accuse Supercell not to have innovated. Royal Clash has indeed nothing to do with Clash of Clans. Rather, it is a strategy game in real time between two players. The goal is to come after the castle of the opponent, which is always at the top of the card. To do this, it is necessary to deploy units in diverse and varied skills.

The real-time strategy ...

The deployment of these units in real time and request the "elixir", represented in the game as a separate gauge in 10 clicks that automatically fills with time. More unity (or fate) is powerful, she asks elixir. The player to make strategic choices: is it better to deploy many small rapids and small units or save its forces to deploy some burly giants can destroy a tower in a few shots? The principle is simple to understand, enjoyable to learn, but difficult to master.

clash royale 1

... And the collectionnite

Added to this is a "collectionnite" component. The units are deployed in the field to acquire the form of maps, found in chests, earned reward for his victories. These maps of units and spells are more or less rare (as in Hearthstone, there are community cards, rare or epic) and can be improved over time. One aspect of the very interesting game that makes the player return more often to discover new cards.


5 Tips for a good start on Clash Royale

A smooth launch

Clash Royale is free to download, but naturally contains many in-app purchases. However, the returns of the first players are all extremely positive. If the game grows in the purchase order to more easily hand on chests and thus new units, it is quite possible to s'en out without paying. A clan system is also present to help players win more quickly resources without leaving the blue card.The launch of the game also seems successful. Not only the servers seem to absorb the arrival of many players without too many problems, but the game runs well on small smartphones. On my OnePlus One, for example, Royal Clash like a charm. After more than two months of beta, it would be remarkable. If you are fans of Clash of Clans or Hearthstone and are looking for a good multiplayer mobile game (Internet connection is required), we can only advise you to try the new title of Supercell.

Game descrition and review

5 Tips for a good start on Clash Royale

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