Android N: Here everything is known and expected

Image result for android NBut what this article yet? Android version 6.0 Marshmallow nest barely out we already write an article related to the future version of Android N. You will ask why? This is especially a first draft to talk about missing functions of Android M we hope to see introduced in Android N. The display and opportunities around the Android system settings could freshen up, among other new fallen around a mysterious hamburger.

Android N: what we know already

Changing system settings

To respond to recent leaks, the team of AndroidPolice decided to get their hands dirty in order to create a first model of the 'System Settings' that would have been some notable improvements. As shown in the screenshots below, page / Home System Settings information now somewhat better, starting with small devoted to each topic. For example, the menu brings the WiFi would provide a network overview where your mobile is connected, where the menu data consumption 'now communicate an overview of the consumption data over networks.

android n date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites tiroir lateral image 00 
By dragging the list, we find that some sections now would display useful annotations such as section 'Screen' that might be able to tell which mode the brightness is set, where one of the 'Notifications' can indicate the number of enabled applications around it. As for the battery, it would now need to go to the menu for the battery estimate, in addition to displaying the percentage; which is also present in the original to tray. Short. I could describe the whole list, but the screenshots shown above are certainly talking. Finally, it should also be noted that the fact of going to a particular menu - like WiFi, Bluetooth or any other - would now house a side drawer to navigate more easily between sections. Called Hamburger; because it takes like three horizontal lines, the famous side drawer automatically disappear once back on the home screen settings. Finally, the latest feature that could come take his seat at the top of the list of system parameters would inform the user on the mode in which the mobile is located 'Do Not Disturb', etc.

End of application drawer? Perhaps

Following the publication of a message titled 'Run Forrest Run! Or walk, drive or gold bike. ', The Mountain View giant highlights the famous movie "Forest Gump" through its Google Maps application. In that same post published, we can see a video, the beginning of it a version of Android is slightly seen without application drawer. Announcing a somewhat radical change (like iOS from Apple, Meizu, Xiaomi or LG who have already taken the plunge), the media of the canvas were so inflamed for several hours, but he will not take long for Google manifests itself by giving the record straight and this, stating that:

android n date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites tiroir applications image 01 
Thus, the idea of ​​abandoning the application drawer of the native launcher for Android is not sidelined. In its statement, Google said simply that we are before a version that does not represent all the new developments that are coming, but nothing says that it does not offer an option that could allow the user to choose between installing the applications on the home page 'or' use application drawer 'to better identify.

android n date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites tiroir applications image 00This option available in the Google Play Store also shows the desire Google to exploit increasingly the main screens of Android. Android is very flexible, why not propose two possibilities? One that installs on the desktop applications élimant drawer and another that tie applications in a drawer
For some time now, we feel the will of Google to open this possibility for its users and, largely thanks to a well-known option which sits in Android application settings of the Google Play Store for a while. Called 'Add the icon to the Home screen', the latch function automatically install the icon of an application after a new installation. Rather practice louse quickly get their hands on a new application, although this feature may also prove annoying.

A status bar even better smoothed

Although the new Android N screenshots have leaked on the night of February 29, 2016 are only models, the fact remains that the latter is based on Google's engineers who returns working on the development of the next version of the mobile OS of the Californian giant. Seeing that screen definitions are becoming larger year after year, Google think of better polish its notifications bar, removing the space between the thumbnails and bringing more information in each vignette. With Android N, the system could then be able to indicate the name of the application that produced the notification, in addition to displaying its secondary information. As can be seen on the right, a notification would display now in 3 lines. In addition, there is also that all the icons installed in the status bar are now clickable, making them more useful and by facilitating interaction with the status bar at all times. A good point !

android n vs android marshmallow date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites notifications images 00 
Unrolling the panel dedicated to notifications and quick settings, clickable options are revealed and the order in which they were displayed when the status bar was folded on itself. No apparent new sticker if it is a new option 'Edit' which could confirm the integration of the final version of 'System UI Tuner' which already provides limited change from the status bar and from Android Marshmallow . Right Android N representation, we can also see on the reliefs have been removed to provide a uniform drawer. Again, it is only performances based on the returns of some Google employees, but nothing says that the final design will be adopted or not this one. There are still two months before Google I / O 2016, during which the new version of Android will certainly N unveiled by Google as 'Developer Preview'.

android n vs android marshmallow date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites parametres rapides images 00

The arrival of the Multi-Window natively!

Already available from beautiful Lurettes through custom interfaces and by some manufacturers of Android applications (individually), the Multi-Window, English Multi-Window is a popular feature of users, but whose integration and optimization in the pure version of Android is meant much more complex than it seems. To understand it, this is explained in two points without which Google does not integrate.

android n date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites multi fenetre multi window images 02 
To fully integrate the Multi-Window, Google must first:

optimize the function for all screen sizes and densities definitions (a titanic work), then
make universal feature so that it is girlfriend with ALL applications.
As I mentioned above, the house modified Android interface of some manufacturers already home to the ability to use applications Multi-Window, but this is limited to popular applications and specially optimized, but no manufacturer offers large scale function. By that, I mean "compatible with applications." Which ? Samsung, Asus, Acer and Co. As for Google, since it is the version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb that we speak of Multi-Window, but the function is still being studied today.

android n date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites multi fenetre multi window images 00 
Officially confirmed, the next letter of the Google mobile OS will actually "Android N", but there is no evidence that this will be the "next version of Android will come out" since there may have to other before. Anyway, the Mountain View giant has confirmed his hope and desire to integrate the Multi-Window Android N in a "stable", having seen that this function was integrated experimentally with Android 6.0.
For those who are wondering, know that the Multi-Window is available to all mobile terminals that have or will Marshmallow and this in two ways. That is to say with or without root (details). Highly experimental feature allows you to split the screen into parts to perform different tasks simultaneously. Again, this feature is very unstable at the moment and tend to crash without warning, but that's normal. Anyway, this is a good point re reaffirming the arrival of the Multi-Window in the Android Version N.

android n date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites multi fenetre multi window images 01

The abandonment of Java APIs in favor of OpenJDK

We still do not know his name but the technical details will soon no more secrets! There was for some time the water in the gas between Google and Oracle. He had even sued Google for using APIs without authorization and it appears today that relations are at their worst. The situation is so catastrophic that their cooperation will come to an end within a short time, according to Google.
Since its first release, Android uses the Java API, ie Oracle, but Marshmallow marked the end of the practice. As an alternative, Google ads will turn to OpenJDK which is totally free.

Android N: what we hope to see you there

Even more customization!

Regarded by many as the mobile operating system the most flexible in the world, Android preserves gaps that we would like erased, even if certain alternatives can improve things. Anyway, it might be that Google plunges more on that makes much of the success of the OS of the firm, unlike that of other pioneers who are in decline . Yes, I exaggerate things.

android m theme fonce parametres developpeurs images 01 
Introducing Android M, which is now called Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google has tried to interesting possibilities, but some of them have already disappeared from the face of the software. I think of the dark theme. The latter was remarkably well received by testers for a theme that would pretty well optimized. This concerns more Now Launcher, but it might be interesting that Google extends the personalization that side also: changing application icons, number of rows / columns of applications, select the scroll direction of the slide ( vertical or horizontal), among other things.

android m personnalisation parametres rapides system ui tuner images 00 
There is however a good point, the arrival of customizing the thumbnails in the status bar. Currently, this option is hidden in developers settings, but she may invest the final stably. It is not yet confirmed and it will be deploying Android 6.0 to find out.

A "V-R-I-A" Application Permissions Manager

Claimed for a long time by users, a permissions manager finally arrived on Android 6.0. Initially introduced in Android 4.3, the permissions manager introduced in Jelly Bean was considered too volatile to be made public. So, it was completely buried by the release of Android 4.4 KitKat.
android m gestion permissions autorisations images 01 
Since the introduction of Android M at Google I / O 2015, the search giant has shown us that he was ready to introduce an application permissions manager to its flagship mobile operating system. A new who wants to be reassuring to many, but permissions management wants partial and limited to some of them. N for Android, we would like the possibilities of this operator are extended to more permissions.

The configuration of any default application

Discovering Android, we also had appreciated the integration of the menu dedicated to the default application configuration. Housed in the advanced settings of the application manager, the default Applications menu gives the user the ability to manually change the application that runs automatically; for the web browser, phone, messages (SMS) and voice assistant, but more for the application launcher, among others. Possibility that disappeared versions of Android 6.0 Developer Preview Marshmallow.
android m date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites menu applications par defaut images 01 
Beyond that, it would be interesting to extend the configuration of the default applications to others, including the possibility of changing the email application, camera, note taking and why not even the market Android applications. The Play Store is not the only market of applications, there are alternatives on the web.

Independent updates (to silence the distribution)

I think not to be alone in this wish, the integration of a real system of updates to the Android version independently of manufacturers would be a boon for the mobile OS from Google. I want to believe that there is already thought, but this should not really be simple to put into practice in reality. But as the expression puts it, "nothing is impossible! "I add that you also want it.

android m date sortie nouveautes fonctionnalites android 6 0 marshmallow numero nom version images 0For those unaware, Google has already taken a step in this direction. For some time, the fact of putting an app from the Play Store no longer requires your Android to download completely. Now the Google Play Store will only pick up new items to replace them with the old, without achieving a complete reinstallation of the application. This in itself reduces the time for an update. That is to say, the resource demand. Result accounts, this feature reduces Internet data consumption and improves battery life.
As for you, we imagine you also expect developments for the next version of Android N. If so, please tell us about the rest of this article. If it were up to you, would you have a special dessert name / favorite "N"? We can help you, would you be more "Nutella" or "Nougat"?

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