Getting to 4G Cam Orange, a GoPro like to broadcast live

In early February, Orange unveiled the 4G Cam, a sports camera, kind of GoPro, with a modem and a SIM 4G for streaming live video. We could spend a few hours with this camera manufactured by BenQ white label on a product already known around the world. What is this camera sold for 299 euros? Answer in our handling of the Cam 4G Orange.

Orange was the surprise by announcing 4G Cam, an action camera can film and broadcast in real time on the Internet. Convenient for professional athletes who want to enjoy their community, but also sports the Sunday will show their families live, their progress and their most beautiful waterfalls.
It was nevertheless quickly realized that 4G Cam was not at all an internal design of Orange since found the same among the British operator EE (resold by Orange in early BT) under the 4G name Action Cam. In fact, this is BenQ manufactures the device under the name QC1. So practice to recover all the technical information.

Technical details

The camera is equipped with a 400 Snadragon with four Cortex-A7 cores running at 1.2 GHz and a MDM9x25 modem capable of supporting 4G Class 4 (150/50 Mbps). In detail, the device supports the bands 800, 1800, and 2600 and 2100 and 900 4G 3G.

Video perspective, the 13-megapixel CMOS sensor with a size of 1 / 2.3 "is supported by a lens with 7 elements with an aperture of f / 2.8. The camera is able to shoot 1080p up to 30 fps in 720p up to 60 frames per second and finally to 480p at 120 frames per second, using the H.264 codec. Streaming simply, meanwhile, to 720p in 30fps.

Photo mode

In terms of photos, the camera rises to 13 megapixels and is capable of taking 7 shots per second, performing timelapses taking pictures every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds. Finally, there is a timer to take a picture after a delay of 2 or 10 seconds.

microSD and nano SIM

4G Cam is obviously compatible with microSD cards, but there are also 4GB of eMMC memory shared between the system and multimedia files. There is also a nano SIM slot and the battery capacity reaches 2260 mAh. The camera is equipped with a microphone and a mono OLED screen of 0.83 inches.

The watch and companion app

To go along with the camera, there is a companion shows. It also has an OLED screen and allows you to see the live filmed and broadcast by the camera images. It is waterproof, as the camera (via a box), since both devices are certified IPX8, which means it is possible to dive beyond one meter deep without going over 30 minutes under the water.

The radius of ergonomics, the watch is really inconvenient because it has several buttons that are still looking for the utility after a few hours spent in his company. The big red button to start recording, no ambiguity with it. The watch is big, too big and quite unpleasant to wear with thick bracelet.
Finally, 4G Cam Orange has a companion application to remotely control the camera via Wi-Fi to check the framing, change settings or start recording. So, in practice, what should we expect?

Like a GoPro

In use, the Cam 4G Orange is much like a GoPro. Lovers of this action camera will therefore not be lost, and is found also small chirps when we walk in the menus. Noises that are obviously deactivated, but practices to ensure that action has been taken into account. The small screen OLED emits light in contrast to the non-backlit display of GoPro, which is convenient to check the settings in the dark.

In terms of design, 4G Cam takes many elements of the GoPro, but is less compact. Moreover, the camera is compatible with all GoPro accessories. We find in the box a box to seal the camera, again, in the manner of GoPro. Base, the camera is not waterproof. The ergonomics of the device is pretty good since the device is simple to use after a few minutes of grip.

The live webcast

It can not be said for the streaming part that advertises its videos directly on the Internet. Everything is pretty simple on the camera, but it is more complex to follow the live transmission. It must indeed Skeegle download the application and then create a dedicated account.

Skeegle is an application that, in the image of Periscope, to stream live video. You can then share the link to friends or to the community which will enjoy the live directly from an Internet browser. Note that the user of the camera does not need to carry the smartphone with him, since the camera broadcasts directly on the Internet via Skeegle.

Image quality

Let's talk image quality. In short, it is disappointing video, but pretty good picture. In fact, in photos, the camera Orange is doing well in terms of details is to exceed the GoPro, but it handles badly enough brightness in under-exposing pictures. In video, the light management is still pretty bad, but strangely, the picture quality is much lower than that of our GoPro Hero 3+ Black with poor definition of the image, a softness, and a Image not sweet enough.

Note also that the goal of 4G Cam has a wide angle narrower than our GoPro. In our video example, we set the GoPro in narrow field of vision mode, which is equivalent to 28 mm, knowing that the GoPro can be adjusted in wide mode to 14 nm. In practice, therefore GoPro will capture many more elements in the scene, including horizontal fields of view, facing the 4G Cam.

The consumption

If our grip did not allow us to measure the autonomy of 4G Cam was however able to define the consumption of mobile data when using the streaming service. 720p at 30 frames per second, 4G Cam Orange consumed about 100MB of data in 4G 10 minutes of video. Note that in this mode, the video does not register on the microSD card, but it is possible to access post from a web interface on Skeegle.

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