The Google Photos app for PC Backup is available: we toured the owner

Announced and unveiled last Thursday evening on the occasion of the opening conference of the Google I / O 2015, Google Photos promised to be a revolution of the online photo storage. Google had also presented on this occasion a client for Mac and PC to automatically upload the photos on his hard drive. It is available to download for a few days and we installed it to see what it is.

google photos app 5

With Google Photos, Google has completely revised its approach to safeguarding users pictures in the cloud. Once trapped in an automatic backup linked to Google+, the Google Photos app is now fully independent. During his presentation, and Google had said it offered to all users who would use unlimited storage for their photos, provided they accept that their photos are compressed. This application is also available for PC and Mac, and how to Dropbox, automatically upload photos of some files in the cloud.

The application is downloaded on this page. By clicking on "Transfer Program from a computer", it downloads an executable own Mac or Windows. Once installed, simply connect to the desired Google Account and then choose the sources of backup and size of uploaded pictures. This step is quite important. For one, it allows Google to choose which folders will automatically upload photos to the cloud. Each added image in a folder, these images will be automatically uploaded. It is of no elsewhere (yet) possible to adjust the frequency and timing of upload: Once added, a photo is automatically sent online.

google photos app 3 

The size of the photos is an important choice. Google Photos allows a choice between "High Quality" and "Original Size." In the first case, the imported photos and videos will be resized and compressed to 16 MP and limited video in 1080p. But the storage space is then unlimited. In the second case Google Photos does not affect the size or image compression and upload the file in the state. 

 However, the weight of these photos and videos will be deducted from Google Drive storage.

google photos app 

Once uploaded, Google Photos to PC to display uploaded images on a web browser. The interface is now very simple and merely on a white background display with a search engine and a few options. A priori, it is far from automatic sorting options that can achieve the Android application. It is possible to briefly touch up photos, to have some information about them or share them on social networks or via shortened links Some options are also available via a side menu, which provides access to the wizard or create collections.

 google photos app 4

google photos app 7
google photos app 6 
Google Photos for PC is simple and easy to use. A little too much perhaps, and it is very possible that Google improves with time.

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