Samsung Galaxy S7: it cost 230 euros to produce

According to preliminary research, the Samsung Galaxy S7 cost about 230 euros to production, at least in the version Snapdragon 820.

samsung-galaxy-s7-teardown-ifixitWe often speak of the selling price of high-end smartphones, but we often forget to mention manufacturing costs. If some builders are willing to reduce their margins, the giants of the industry in general are trying to increase margins by maintaining a similar selling price for a cost of lighter production.
And according to the research institute IHS, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 (in the version in Snapdragon 820) would cost about 255 dollars to produce the equivalent of 230 euros. The institute also notes that it is the same manufacturing cost for the Samsung Galaxy S5, even though the quality is different.

samsung-galaxy-s7-caloduc-teardown-ifixitPrecisely, the estimated price of the Snapdragon 820, which is apparently the most expensive component of this smartphone would be around 62 dollars, 55 euros. For the rest, it is obviously rather in the dark, and in particular with regard to the camera whose origin has not been identified. However, IHS has built its estimate by measuring the components of the S7 to what is the best on the market.
As Re / Code accurate cost estimates made by IHS includes an estimate of the hardware components plus about $ 5 for the final assembly of the product, but does not include the software development costs, marketing or distribution . In all cases, the actual cost should not vary greatly.

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