Android N: updates will be OTA for everyone

Since last week, the Developer Preview version of Android N is available for download. For this, two solutions are available, manual installation and update OTA. In one case as in the other, the future updates will be for their automatic ...
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Google has set up with the arrival of Android N Android Beta program, which recovers Android Preview N on his phone (or tablet / her multimedia unit) as if it were a simple making day. Thus was born confusion, suggesting that unlike M Preview Android, devices that were flashed manually would not receive updates automatically.

android n preview uneFor the avoidance of doubt, a reference has been added to the Google site, stating that "if you choose to receive future updates OTA after manually flashed your device, all you have to do is register the terminal Android Beta program. " It is also stated that "you can register the device at any time to receive the next update Over The Air".
Remember, an update is provided every month until the final release of Android N, itself fixed to the end of the summer. You therefore have a little time to join this program and avoid having to flash each update individually.The risk is always present
Go through official updates might seem safer, but the risks are indeed present yet. Indeed, as noted AndroidPolice, various people started complaining of problems during installation of the update, resulting in a "soft brick" the device. The device then not being able to enable the USB debugging and unlock the bootloader, some users have had very unpleasant cold sweat. The problem can however be solved by installing the update package OTA directly from the recovery of the phone. More fear than harm so.

This is a good reminder nonetheless about the risks that may be encountered during the installation of this kind of still experimental firmware.

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