The Android Security Patch March 2016 is out: all the details on his contributions

A new month began a few days and it is time to start deploying the March 2016 security patch It has also been detailed by Google.


Since Stagefright case, Google is a point to be corrected as soon as possible security vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system. Also, a security patch is deployed beginning of each month on the Nexus and the AOSP code. The changelog of March is particularly busy, proving once again that the security specialists at Google are not idle.

16 corrected flaws

In total, 16 faults were corrected, 6 of which are rated as "critical" and 8 whose priority was "high." This patch fixes some vulnerabilities still and always the Mediaserver (media server) for remote execution of code, and a similar problem libvpx located in the library.Other loopholes allow for the most access privileges (of eg access permissions) or to obtain secret information normally through flaws in the kernel (core system), parts of the system (Mediaserver , setup wizard ...), drivers of MediaTek, Qualcomm tools or other bookstores. Finally, the changelog also mentions a Bluetooth vulnerability to a denial-of-service attack (DDoS).


Nexus AOSP and priority

Once is not custom, these changes have already been applied to the AOSP source code of Android, so developers can exploit. This update is also being deployed on some Nexus, and the impatient can already obtain the latest system image to flash manually in the usual place. Builds in question are referenced LMY49H for the Nexus 10, Nexus MMB29V for 5, 6, 6P, 7 (2013), 9 and Player MHC19J for the Nexus and 5X MXC14G for Pixel C.For other customized terminals and ROM, it will be that developers and manufacturers update their own code, which can take from several days to several months depending on the seriousness of each.

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