The Vive he shall save the HTC finances?

It will have escaped no one, HTC is in the red for months, seeking to move away from the smartphone to better raise. Virtual reality, through his helmet Vive, is one of its key assets, and promises to be a successful product. What restart the machine?

htc-viveIt was yesterday that HTC opened preorders for its Vive, a promising virtual reality helmet, we tried several times and that we look forward to test further. But also an expensive device, since the price of 899 euros (799 dollars overseas), add more than 73 euros postage for France. Vive buyers must also consider the configuration of the PC to which they will connect, since it will require a configuration costing about a thousand euros. In short, as the Oculus Rift in pre-orders since January, Vive is definitely not a cheap product, and it will certainly be a few years before returning such devices in the living room players "normal". Vive: we tried the new version of the best virtual reality headset moment 

Still, according to one member of the team responsible for the development of virtual reality at HTC, Shen Ye, the live meeting a success. It evokes pre-orders up to 15 000 units in less than 10 minutes yesterday, although no official figures on its first 24 hours of pre-orders have yet been unveiled by HTC. If he follows the path initiated by Oculus, it is doubtful that HTC communicate more on the subject, especially as a third actor is expected shortly in the world of virtual reality: the Sony conference dedicated to its PlayStation VR is indeed scheduled for 15 March. Better, then, to the Taiwanese, do not declare victory too soon.

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