Tutorial: How to manually install Marshmallow on a Samsung Galaxy S6?

In recent days, Samsung has announced the deployment of Android 6.0 Marshmallow began on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Unfortunately, it is progressive and everyone's missing out again, even if you purchased your smartphone through an operator, it will be the latter decided to push the update . If this is your case, it might be time to consider yourselves to flash the new firmware to take advantage of the latest Android. Here's how!
Before starting anything, it is important to know that this operation is not without risk and can make your phone unusable or some of its features. If you are not willing to take that risk, however small it (as long as you have access to the Download mode, it is almost always possible to reinstall a clean ROM), prefer to wait for the natural upgrade of the phone. Moreover, it is advisable to back up all data beforehand (SMS, photos, applications, data, etc.) to be sure not to lose any sensitive element.

The necessary

Before you begin, it is important to have all the tools at hand. For this operation you will need:

Your Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge (preferably with more than 70% of battery)
A USB cable
On a Windows computer (in this case, manipulations are also available on Mac OS and Linux)
Odin software in its release 3.10.7 (or more) available on SamMobile
Firmware for the model of your phone, you'll find on SamFirmware (for the SM-G920F / for the SM-G925F)
For users of Mac OS and Linux, can be replaced by Odin or Heimdall JOdin3. If you do not know the exact model of your phone, you will find the reference in the "About device" settings.


The preparation

To get started, unzip the archive of Odin and your firmware. Depending on the choice you have made (ROM or ROM STOCK FULL), you will get one or more files to .tar.md5 format. Anyway, the result is the same.
Once the unzipped files, turn off your phone and reboot it into download mode supported letting the Power key, Volume Down and Home. then a warning screen will appear asking you to press Volume Up to continue.
Once this step is completed, you then fall face to face with the Download mode (or Odin Mode), represented by an arrow on a blue background. If at this point you change your mind, you can turn off your phone by pressing all buttons on your phone at the same time (Volume Up and Down, Power, and Home) and holding them down within seconds.
We will however assume that you want to go after handling. So Launch Odin (Odin3 v3.10.7.1.exe) and connect your phone to the computer. A check of the software should light blue, displaying the USB port number on which the device is connected, and the message "<ID: 0/004> Added !! "Should appear.
If this is not the case, ensure that the drivers of your phone are installed on your computer (usually just plug the phone to the PC, but you can find them on the Samsung website). Finally be noted that some front USB ports are inconsistent and it may be necessary to connect the phone to the back of his round. In case of problems, so feel free to try different USB ports.



If your phone is properly recognized, then you can fill in the appropriate boxes. First, in the option tab, check the boxes Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are checked, but the Re-Partition checkbox is unchecked. Then, if you opted for the version STOCK ROM, you should have one .tar.md5 file you need to add Odin AP by clicking the button. A few seconds / minutes may be required for the successful completion of this step. Do not be impatient!
NB: If you have opted for the FULL ROM, .tar.md5 each file must be added in this way in the box. All four files begins with the two letters on a button Odin (BL, AP, CP and CSC), you should not be able to fool you.

Then click the Start button and wait for the loading bar reaches its end without rebooting the PC or the phone, and without disconnecting it. In the end, the phone will reboot itself and will require a few extra minutes of installation. If the first start is a bit long, do not worry, this is normal.
After a restart and need a reconfiguration of the phone, a small tour in software information will confirm what you already noticed the color of the notification bar: Galaxy S6 (S6 or edge) is now running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. For those who like things done right, it is best to go to the settings and then save and reset in order to reset all data.
This step is not mandatory and should not even be necessary if a flash ROM FULL, but often eliminates the last remnants of an old installation, and thus avoid conflicts and bugs that can meet certain applications.


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