LG G5 SE: a hull confirms the existence of the variant

You still doubted the existence of the LG G5 SE after the discovery of its reference in the files of the KIPRIS ? Now the phone name appears again on an official hull this time.
Photo by Droid-Life.com

Earlier this month, rumors spread like wildfire: LG is preparing a G5 SE. Just days after the announcement of the iPhone OS, assumptions about a smaller smartphone, but having the same technical characteristics multiplied, wrongly. No, the SE G5 is not a small G5 !
For those who still doubted, MobileFun confirms this again. The UK site has indeed received an official cover for the LG G5. On the packaging of it, one can read this Quick Cover is compatible with both the G5 with G5 SE, proving that this reference exists - or will exist - not only in the files of a Korean agency but also in the trade.
The shell is compatible with both versions, it also allows to assert that the LG G5 SE will not be a "mini" version of the G5, but a device with similar dimensions. For the moment, it is impossible to say whether this variant "SE" is better equipped than the original model as if the already imagine some or not, but the Droid-Life that words can resonate in our memories: ' C' G5 is just a normal, children . "

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