LG G5 SE: no, LG does not want a miniature G5

Searching through public files provided by a South Korean organization, references to some LG G5 SE were found, igniting the web of assumptions, but no, the manufacturer does not propose soon account a competitor to the iPhone OS.
Photo by Droid-Life.com
The Dutch site GSMInfo  published an article on Tuesday about an LG G5 SE, whose brand and logo were filed by the South Korean manufacturer that 29 March.Searching through the records of the KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service), several references are actually mention this brand, but it takes to much race?
At first glance, this nomenclature obviously reminiscent recently adopted by Apple with its iPhone OS, a smaller version of its iPhone 6s, taking the power of the latter, but with a 4-inch screen only. There will be no more necessary for some to imagine the arrival of a small G5 LG in the coming months, especially since LG has not hesitated to tackle the American brand and its small phone right out of this one.

LG G5 SE, a simple LG G5

Looking more closely, however there, LG had already trademarked the name "G5 SE" on December 30, when the iPhone OS had not yet been formalized. Moreover, even the rumors then evoked the device as the iPhone 6c before renaming it 5SE iPhone in January.
Even taking this into account, doubt may remain, but Droid-Life.com put an end to the debate by publishing a few photos on Twitter.

"It's just a normal G5, children," says the site. As to where these photos and what exactly is this model that Droid-Life seems to be the only one with it is another story, but everything seems to confirm this, the LG G5 SE is not a small G5 .

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