Web Share could facilitate the sharing of smartphone from a website

A new project of a Google employee could greatly simplify sharing content from the web in the coming years.
Web share Chrome Dev
When you browse the Internet with Chrome on Android and want to share content or article sites usually provide links to the major social networks. In the best case, these links will automatically launch the associated application, but even in this case, the choice is limited compared to the native Android sharing menu that offers to share any kind of application: SMS, Mail, Bluetooth online storage service, etc. Chrome also includes a sharing function, but it is limited to sharing the URL of the web page and not a particular content (an image for example), and the developer website has no control over function.
Giuca Matt, who works in the Chrome development team, seized of the issue and proposes a new API called Web Share , already implemented in the latest version of Chrome Dev .

With this API, the developer could, in 3 lines of code, integrating a universal share button to its content would work natively with Android smartphones. The ambition of the developer is to make this a standard API that other browsers and operating systems to use with their own sharing function.
Share Web is part of the Ballista project , work on which several employees of Google and Mozilla, to facilitate communication between web sites and between sites and applications. The Share Web API should also be required to operate between websites, and make websites a target of sharing. One would imagine then be able to share content to Facebook.com and just its application.
Remains to be seen if the team of Matt Giuca will convince other browser vendors and web developers to agree on a standard to take off the idea.

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