MacBook Pro: The OLED Magic Bar Toolbar Apple on the keyboard is confirmed

A mysterious trademark filing quite clearly suggests that future Apple MacBook Pro will incorporate an OLED bar softkeys on the top of the keyboard. It would be called "Magic Toolbar." .
oled MacBook Pro
Apple will introduce its new computers on October 27 . Rumors and leaks are going well. There is talk of including the integration of OLED bar of soft keys on the top of the keyboard. This possibility seems to be confirmed by the disclosure of an obscure trademark registration. The source of this revelation is the Trademark Ninja , globally renowned for revealing such documents.
Thus, it revealed a document dated February 5 last in which one learns a company named Presto Apps America LLC has filed the trademark "MAGIC TOOLBAR". This is protected in many areas which seem to cover all areas of technology and digital.

"Magic", property of Apple

All elements clearly suggest that Apple is behind this company Presto Apps America, based in Delaware. The "Magic" mention is closely associated with Apple. The Cupertino company has already marketed products named Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad or Magic Keyboard. Logically, Magic Toolbar should refer to the OLED bar expected dynamic keys on the keyboards of the next MacBook Pro.
In addition, the price of trademark registration is estimated at 16 000. It is difficult to see why a company could spend as much money to acquire an extremely close names of Apple products.
A final proof, but not least, doubts dissipate even more. The lawyers who completed the document are exactly the same as those who cared to trademark the AirPods, earphones of the iPhone 7 , in Indonesia, Canada and Malaysia.

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