Wikileaks wants to run Google

With Wikileaks, Julian Assange promised to address, among others, Google, in future revelations sensitive characters.
Julian Assange
Google is probably now the most emblematic of what the web today - my parents even tend to confuse the two. For the vast majority of users, it is impossible to conceive of the wonderful world of the Internet without thinking of the famous brand with the four colors, so powerful and sprawling. In other words, if Google falls, we are all lost. Yet this is what dreams of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks .

Hillary Clinton and Google in the crosshairs

Indeed, the latter promised at a press conference to publish every week a new set of confidential files until November 8 , the day of the US presidential election. The first target is obviously Hillary Clinton, already undermined by previous revelations of Wikileaks. The organization had indeed revealed several emails that left it clear that the Democratic candidate was favored by his party when it was seeking nomination over his opponent Bernie Sanders. Julian Assange said he still had several sensitive issues concerning them.
But Assange has also announced plans to tackle important information on topics such as war, arms trafficking, oil, mass surveillance - of course -. And also ... Google The founder of Wikileaks has a tooth against the net giant for several reasons. First, because Google is inequality with the Internet completely decentralized he advocates for a decade. But also because it accuses the company to maintain, since 2008, too conniving with the government and particularly with the one he loves to hate Hillary Clinton, especially when it occupied a Secretary of State for .

Google, the old enemy

In 2014, he published the book When Google puts WikiLeaks in which he wrote that "no one wants to admit that Google became big and bad. But that's the case. " To harm the company, Julian Assange revealed several documents that appear to link the Mountain View company and military operations in Afghanistan and Iran.
Nevertheless, all these leaks have not really harmed Google. It has never ceased to grow and expand its impressive empire, as evidenced by the last conference Made by Google . However, Julian Assange managed to tickle our curiosity and encourages us to keep an eye on Wikileaks to see what information it will reveal.

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