Samsung Galaxy J5,J7,J3, 2016,2017 Bypass google account verification

Before you go to the step by step guide, make it sure you have fulfilled the following requirements.
  • Have you downloaded RealTerm software on your Windows PC? It is free to download and use.
  • Leave the SIM card in the phone. There should be enough balance in your mobile account to make a 2-minute call to any local number.
  • If you have a second working phone, it is better so that you can disconnect the call and you don’t lose your balance.
Part 1: Perform a Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy J5 (6)
First of all, you should perform a hard reset to delete all the user-installed content and to wipe out any recently installed android updates on your phone.
For this purpose, turn off your phone. Now keep pressed the Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously and then press the Power button. When the Samsung logo appears, release all three buttons.
You’ll be in Android Recovery mode. Using the Volume Up and Down keys, go to “Wipe data/factory reset” option and press power button.

The next screen will ask you select “Yes” or “No”. Select the yes.
Once the data wipe is complete, select the “Wipe cache partition” option and again choose “Yes” on the next screen to completely wipe the cache partition.
At the end of this step, reboot your system now.

Part 2: Opening Chrome App by Using RealTerm

When the galaxy phone restarts, you’ll see “Welcome” screen. Tap on “START” button to proceed.
On the next screen, select your WiFi connection.
If it is a dual SIM phone, the SIM Card Manager will ask you to select the preferred SIM card for voice calls and text messages. Tap on DONE to proceed further.
Accept the “Terms and Conditions” to the End User Licence Agreement.
The Android phone will check the connection and the software update. Let it do its work.
Now the concerned screen shows up which reads:
This device was reset, to continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.
verify google account-owner
This moment you are required to enter your Google Account details. If you know the initial Google account which you used at the time of the first run, you can add the details. And if you have forgotten the email or password, perform the following steps. And of course, you don’t remember the Gmail ID and password, that’s why you are here. Isn’t it so?
The next few steps will be performed on the computer. Connect your galaxy phone to the PC using a USB cable.
After connecting your phone to Windows PC, open Device Manager. scroll down to the modems. There you’ll see the “Samsung Mobile USB Modem” Right click on it.
Now select Properties, go the “Modem” tab and note down the Port number. In our case it is COM4. (Note: we’ll need only the last digit).
The next step is to use “RealTerm: Serial Capture Program”. The main purpose of this program at this level is to send a command to the phone so that it makes a call to another number, as we have discussed above.
When you launch it, it will automatically select the appropriate port. If it doesn’t choose, simply enter the port number you found in above step and then click on “Change”.
These steps are almost same as we have seen in the Rootjunky’s video.
CTS and DSR status will be green when the connection is established.
Click on “Send” tab and enter this command in the very first box.
This command will check whether your phone is registered to a network and you are receiving the signals.
Click on “Send ASCII” button. If everything is right, you’ll get an OK message on the black screen.
If you don’t get OK message, it means your SIM is not registered with the network.
This problem usually occurs when you have not accepted the Terms and Conditions on your phone. The phone will get signals when you are at that stage where it asks for Google Account. If you just restarted your phone and tried this step, you won’t get the desired results.
Now enter this command in the same box and click on the same “Send ASCII” button to make a call to another number.
Here you’ll have to replace the “0300xxxxx” with your own local number. You don’t need to add country code with this number. Any local number which can pick up your call is sufficient. If you have another phone or a phone of your relative or friend, you can use that for this purpose.
Once the phone starts dialing the number, accept the call from the other phone, or wait until the user at the other end receives it.
As soon as the call is collected, you’ll see small two dots appearing below the green part of the dialer. Swipe to the left, and there you’ll see the icon of the internet. Tap on it and voila.
A new small window will pop out from the bottom asking you to “Complete action using either Chrome or Internet”. Tap on Chrome icon and the browser will show up. Now you can disconnect the call from another phone.
At this stage, you can also disconnect your phone from the PC.
The rest of the part is done on the phone. All you are required to have a stable WiFi connection.
Part 3: Installing QuickShortCutMaker app
If you have performed FRP bypassing in the past, the rest the of steps are same. If you are new to this process, keep on reading to find out how to remove Google Account from your Galaxy phone after reset.

On your phone, tap on”Accept & Continue” option to run Chrome.
It will ask you “Set up Chrome”. Select “NO, THANK YOU” at the bottom left.
Enter this address in the Chrome search bar to download “QuickShortCutmaker” application.
This app is hosted on OnDrive. So, that page will open. Click on “…” file and it will start downloading.
While phone downloads the file in the background, enter this address in the chrome address bar and tap “G0”
When the page is open, scroll down a little bit. There you’ll see “Samsung Galaxy Apps” link. Tap on it.
If a page of terms and conditions appears, select Agree.
Now you are in Samsung Galaxy Apps store.
Tap on the SEARCH option at the very top and search for “ES File Explorer”.
Tap on download arrow.
If you don’t have Samsung Account, you can create it right there. It is very easy. If you already have an account, enter the credentials.
After the Sign In, you’ll be asked to either “Accept and Download” ES File Explore or cancel it. Of course, we will choose the first option.
Install ES File Explorer
When the download is complete, open the app.
During this installation or any time a pop-up may appear asking you to allow Google to regularly check device activity, it is better to decline this option.
Now open ES File Explore and then open Download folder.
If you see that there is a new version of ES File Explorer available, dismiss it.
Now tap on “” app.
You’ll get this notice.
“Install blocked
For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”
Tap on Settings, and turn on “Unknown sources” option.
Now install the app.
When it is installed, open it.
Part 4: Adding Own Google Account and Reboot
In the “Input keyword to filter” box, type “Google Account Manager”. When it appears at the top of the list, tap on the down arrow at the left side.
Now scroll down until you see “Type Email and Password” file. Tap on it and on the next screen tap on “Try”.

type email password
A new screen will show up to reset the Password.
Tap on the three dots at the right upper corner. “Browser sign-in” option will pop out. Tap on it now.
Reset Password in Galaxy Android FRP
Tap on Google on the notice box. Now enter your email address and password.
When you are signed in, you’ll go back to the Google Account Manager page.
Restart your phone, connect to WiFi, agree to the Terms and Conditions.
The phone will check the connection and software update. It may take a little bit longer time during these processes. Don’t panic and wait.
Soon you’ll see the “Account Added” page. Tap on next and start setting up your phone just like you did it in the first run.
The previous Google account has been successfully replaced with the newly added account.

Bypass Google Account Android 7.0 and 7.1.1

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