the 5G will be developed soon in five states of the United States

5G arrives sooner than expected!

The 4G successor, the 5G, is expected to be commercialized by 2018. An acceleration of the movement is therefore announced since the first forecasts were waiting until 2020 for such a network coverage.

While 4G is becoming more and more widespread in France in rural areas, thanks to the THD plan and the joint effort of the operators, 5G is showing the tip of its nose on the other side of the Atlantic.

The 5G marketed in 2018 in the United States

The GSMA report predicted it. The 5G, better connection mode than the Very Broadband, would soon become widespread. However, the acceleration of the commercialization of this flow will make the predictions lie. Thanks to the American operator Verizon, nearly five US states will be able to begin to benefit from 5G by 2018. With essentially fixed Internet offers, Verizon should reap the fruits of its research and experimentation. It was already in the city of Sacramento, California, that this technology had been apprehended.
Sacramento, one of the 11 cities in the world to have experienced the 5G will be able to be equipped from 2018. A world first promised by the operator Verizon.

Obviously the experience was satisfactory, since the deadline was close. This is a particularly clever operation for the operator since its competitor AT & T said recently also want to accelerate the process of transition to 5G. Compatible with fiber optic technology, the challenge of 5G is also launched with regard to smartphone chips. In addition to the possibility of connecting to the network for smartphones, 5G would be the translation into Internet flow, the technological revolution that affects many sectors. France should not be outdone since predictions already announce it as the European country best suited for this technology. It is the operator Free who was also charged with experimenting the thing in the capital.

A high performance connection to various applications

The capabilities of the 5G are out of proportion to the previous known connections. Capable of competing with fiber optics, this connection mode can significantly reduce the latency to barely reach 4ms. With speeds like 50 Gbits of connection, the speed of download and ease of access to the internet will be upset. An unnecessary flow acceleration?

This is actually a technological evolution that occurs in conjunction with research in the field of the Internet of Things in particular. Bouygues has also started a partnership with Arteria in France to support this technical progress. Orange is also focusing its efforts on this new connection rate. The results concerning access to 4G in France have rapidly changed, but the fact remains that the deployment of 5G is a goal to be achieved in the territory. A challenge that should be raised especially with the horizon of the Olympic Games of the city of Paris in 2024.
The 5G represents the connection of our near future. Its applications concern a variety of sectors, not just that of the smartphone.

The development of 5G will have a direct impact on the growing sophistication of smartphones. Needs are likely to evolve rapidly, which many industry players also take into account. Apple is also starting to design chips compatible with 5G with Intel to prepare the mobiles of tomorrow.

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