Huawei is also making progress to prepare 5G network

The 5G, next connection mode that nails the post very high speed, animates the passions of mobile manufacturers. It has just been tested in California, and its commercialization is announced in Europe for 2020. Builders accompany this movement. Huawei recently announced that it is serious about bringing its future smartphones with 5G connectivity even before deploying the technology around the world. A figurehead in the field? The manufacturer is not the only one to anticipate the revolutionary digital transition brought about by 5G.

Surf the wave of 5G with Huawei

You have to imagine downloading a movie in the blink of an eye, without any slowing down. Download and edit your photos online, while playing a gourmet game connection, and finally, transmit health data directly to the doctor through the connected objects provided for this purpose. And finally get into his car without having to drive.

All this would be impossible without the 5G. Its applications are numerous in the Internet of Things as elsewhere. Reasons that have recently accelerated the movement of 5G equipment in the world. Tested in Sacramento, California, the 5G will be developed soon in five states of the United States. And France should be the most connected country in Europe in the near future. To update these developments, mobile manufacturers must anticipate, and provide their smartphones technologies adapted to this connection of the future. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has invested $ 600 million for the research and development pole on this technology. An investment that will bear fruit. He announced he will be able to anticipate the date of 2020, which announces the widespread commercialization of 5G, with adapted smartphones.

Adapt to the 5G: the  of the builders

It is the head of the Chinese firm Huawei who announced it. At the World Internet Conference held in China, the company's CEO, Richard Yu, made it clear that he wanted to move ahead of the date of the commercialization of the global 5G. Even before the world's 5G equipment, planned for 2020, Huawei mobiles will be able to capture this connection of the future. It is therefore for the second half of 2019 that Huawei will be able to offer phones compatible with 5G. A date that allows the manufacturer to be the spearhead in the field. It will thus advance the establishment of the 5G in general.
Will the manufacturer really be the first to launch smartphones adapted to 5G? Nothing is less safe, because Huawei is not the only one on deck. Samsung is perfecting its research with Huawei also in the field of artificial intelligence. But we must not forget that Apple has announced begin to develop 5G chips with Intel. The name of the firm Ericsson also suggests that competition will be tough. Indeed, this builder in financial difficulty has announced however want to accompany this new era. "5G for the Networked Society" is the name of this program launched by Ericsson. Help in the construction of networks, various applications of 5G on phones or in different fields of connected daily life ... The creation of this research network by the manufacturer is provided by a team of 130 engineers and researchers. The race for efficient and intelligent adaptation to 5G has started well.

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