Samsung Galaxy Note 10 New Look

Here's What Will Look Like The Samsung Galaxy Note 10
We already knew a lot about the Galaxy Note 10 (the good and the bad), but now is the largest smartphone Samsung actually begins to take shape.

For the first time, Concept Creator, arguably the best tech designer today, offers a device design that may be rethinking their allegiance to the Galaxy S10.

The rendering highlights the multiple elements that have leaked around the Galaxy Note 10, including its quad-vision camera and Infinity-O notch display, as well as the Note's distinctive angular design and S-pen. Even the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is confirmed with the long-awaited 5G feature at launch.
To complete the design, Concept Creator has taken liberties where the information is not yet verified, such as the position of the notch (it could be in a corner as for the S10 range) and the exact curvature of the Edge screen. "This is based on a combination of leaks and my own design freedom," says the graphic designer. This remains close to the Galaxy Note 10 vision we had so far.

In addition, we are aware of other features that Concept Creator does not show, such as next-generation RAM or much more efficient storage that doubles performance and reduces battery consumption.

If you are interested in technological design, Concept Creator is worth the detour, and if you want the best Samsung of 2019, the Galaxy Note 10 will be worth the wait.

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