Download and Install Latest Doogee USB Drivers

If you are a user of Android phones and you need to transfer files between your phone and your Windows computer and if you are updating your smartphone by computer, so you should download the drivers for the smartphone that contains it and download its software on your computer, Here In this article, we will provide you all download links for Download Doogee USB Driver and how to install it on your Pc or Laptop successfully.

Dogee has a number of devices with varying configuration, most of them are powerful enough in doing a lot of tasks. But there will be many situations when you have to connect your device to PC. The reason can be varying like transferring files, flashing a new update, installing a custom ROM etc. No matter what the reason is, if you are connecting your Doogee device to a PC the latest Doogee USB drivers compatible with your device must be installed on your PC. Without this, you might have a greater risk of damaging your device. In some cases, your device may even get bricked. Read through for the list of drivers and the steps to install them.

List of Supported Doogee USB drivers

Model NameUSB Drivers
Doogee Collo DG100Download
Doogee Collo 3 DG110Download
Doogee BL12000Download
Doogee BL12000 ProDownload
Doogee BL7000Download
Doogee BL5000Download
Doogee BL5500 LiteDownload
Doogee BL9000Download
Doogee Bigboy DG600Download
Doogee DG320Download
Doogee Dagger DG550Download
Doogee Discovery DG500CDownload
Doogee DG-Phablet DG685Download
Doogee F3Download
Doogee F3 ProDownload
Doogee F5Download
Doogee F7Download
Doogee F7 ProDownload
Doogee Find DG510Download
Doogee Hitman DG850Download
Doogee Hotwind DG200Download
Doogee Ibiza F2Download
Doogee Iron Bone DG750Download
Doogee Kissme DG580Download
Doogee Leo DG280Download
Doogee Latte DG450Download
Doogee Moon DG130Download
Doogee Max DG650Download
Doogee Max DG650SDownload
Doogee Mint DG330Download
Doogee MixDownload
Doogee Mix 2Download
Doogee Mix LiteDownload
Doogee Mix SilverDownload
Doogee Nova Y100XDownload
Doogee Pixels DG350Download
Doogee Rainbow DG210Download
Doogee Shoot 1Download
Doogee Shoot 2Download
Doogee S30Download
Doogee S50Download
Doogee S55Download
Doogee S55 LiteDownload
Doogee S60Download
Doogee S60 LiteDownload
Doogee S70Download
Doogee S70 LiteDownload
Doogee T3Download
Doogee T5Download
Doogee T5 LiteDownload
Doogee T5SDownload
Doogee T6Download
Doogee T6 ProDownload
Doogee Turbo DG2014Download
Doogee Turbo mini F1Download
Doogee Turbo 2 DG900Download
Doogee Titans2 DG700Download
Doogee Titans DG150Download
Doogee VDownload
Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 PlusDownload
Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 ProDownload
Doogee Valencia 2 Y100Download
Doogee Valencia DG800Download
Doogee Voyager2 DG31Download
Doogee Y200Download
Doogee Y300Download
Doogee Y6Download
Doogee Y6CDownload
Doogee Y6 Piano BlackDownload
Doogee Y6 MaxDownload
Doogee Y6 Max ProDownload
Doogee X3Download
Doogee X5Download
Doogee X5 ProDownload
Doogee X5SDownload
Doogee X6Download
Doogee X6 ProDownload
Doogee X7Download
Doogee X7 ProDownload
Doogee X5 MaxDownload
Doogee X5 Max ProDownload
Doogee X9 MiniDownload
Doogee X10Download
Doogee X20Download
Doogee X20LDownload
Doogee X30Download
Doogee X30LDownload
Doogee X50LDownload
Doogee X50Download
Doogee X53Download
Doogee X55Download
Doogee X60 LDownload
Doogee X70Download
Doogee X9 ProDownload

Steps to install Doogee USB drivers on PC

The steps for two possible methods are listed below, please read through to find out.
  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Find the file with ‘.exe’ extension and run it by double-clicking it
  3. Follow the steps in the installation wizard
  4. Click finish button when installation is completed

How to flash and unbrick DOOGEE smartphone

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